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Kurt Angle Remembers His First Match Against John Cena

This evening, while John Cena returns to WWE Monday Night Raw, it will be the 20th anniversary of Cena’s 1st televised match in WWE. Cena came up short in a competitive game against future WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle in that fight, kicking off a run that’d ultimately led to 16 world championships as well as a few blockbuster film roles for Cena.

Angle discussed the fight with Cena and how then-WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reacted to it afterward in an interview. Angle disclosed, “Awesome stuff.” You two had a fantastic match. John made an excellent debut. He gave me a pat on the back. Angle also spoke about a brief discussion he had with Cena after the match.

I only said, “You ramped up tonight.” Angle described the match as “awesome.” Thank you for working with me, Mr. Angle. I truly appreciate it. He was extremely polite. I knew this child was special from the moment I stepped into the ring, and after I finished wrestling him, I knew he’d be a big celebrity down the road.

The fight would end up being the first of many between Angle and Cena over the decades, with the two most notably feuding placed above a white Cena’s WWE Championship in the late summer/early fall of 2005. Angle defeated Cena in a non-title First Blood match on the January 2, 2006 episode of Monday Night Raw in their final major singles match.

Cena’ return to Raw

While it is unidentified what Cena will do when he returns to Raw, he has lately hyped feuds with both Kevin Owens as well as the present WWE United States Champion Theory, who has publicly expressed interest in facing Cena in recent months.

Kurt Angle, a WWE Hall of Famer, experienced double knee surgery. Angle uploaded the clip, saying he’s feeling really good and thanking fans for their support. This is your Olympic champion. Kurt Angle and I are currently in the hospital after having knee replacement surgery this morning, Angle explained. I’m feeling fine right now, but my legs are numb from the anaesthetic. So, I realise I have a long way ahead of me, and I’m inclined to put in a lot of effort to get back to how I was. 

I’d like to thank everyone for your motivation, well wishes, and praying for my surgical procedure; I deeply appreciate it. God bless everyone. The Olympic gold medalist had announced earlier on his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, in April that he would be undergoing major surgery. Angle explained that he will have his knees replaced next month. I’m completing both of them at the very same time. I’ll be using a walker or a wheelchair.


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