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Kurt Angle Opens Up About How Many Concussions He’s Had Throughout His Career 

Kurt Angle, a former Olympic gold medalist and 12-time world champion, suffered a slew of injuries all through his career, ranging from multiple broken necks to multiple concussions. After nearly ten years with WWE during his initial stint, injuries eventually led to more problems in Angle’s life, with the WWE Hall of Famer leaving the organization whereas dealing with several serious injuries, one to a men body part.

Angle has stated previously that he broke his neck 4 times in WWE, excluding the broken neck he experienced while winning gold at the Olympics in 1996. Angle revealed how many concussions he suffered in WWE, his most remarkable occurring at SummerSlam 2000 as he and Triple H flubbed a pedigree upon an announce table, knocking Angle out that night.

Angle stated, I would say I probably had four concussions that I am aware of. The first was a minor concussion, and the other three were severe. Angle has described in detail to have several treatments and dealing with extreme discomfort to this day, and to make things worse, Angle has disclosed that he is currently suffering from memory loss as a direct result. Even now, Angle said, I’m starting to forget things. I’m only in my early 50s, but there’s no doubt I’ve done some brain damage. My memory isn’t what it used to be, and I have to really think about something from the past.

Kurt Angle documentary

WWE has acquired the rights to a Kurt Angle documentary. The WWE Hall of Famer made the announcement on Sunday’s show of The Kurt Angle Show. Angle disclosed that WWE had altered it slightly, but that he has a deal for it to appear on Peacock next year. The one on Peacock will be from before his time in WWE.

Angle stated that the WWE purchased the documentary from him. They altered it up just a bit and made it a little more pro-wrestling oriented, but we did a deal with them that this, my prior documentary until they added more WWE stuff to it, will air on Peacock next year. The one on Peacock next year will be more about my private life as a child and before I joined WWE. It’s a well-rounded short film, but one WWE will display will be pro-WWE material.

Angle underwent double knee surgery in May. As previously stated, the former six-time World Champion spoke about his recent media appearance in which he did throw out the first pitch at an Altoona Curve game and fell off alignment. The first didn’t go so well, and Angle nearly fell on his face. It was all arm, and I kind of lost my balance and almost fell down, which told me right there that I shouldn’t be doing any public appearances for a while.

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