Kurt Angle Considers AJ Styles To Be One Of The Greatest Athletes Of All Time

Kurt Angle Considers AJ Styles To Be One Of The Greatest Athletes Of All Time

At IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary 10, the WWE Hall of Famer re-enacted his infamous tag team match with AJ Styles against Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. Kurt Angle discussed how wonderful it was to operate in a tag team with Styles, and why the IMPACT team decided to keep him and Styles away from the World Title at the time.

Angle said, AJ was incredible; we had very different styles, and I think that’s why we had great chemistry.

We were both experienced wrestlers, and AJ knew a lot about psychology. He was also a much better athlete than I was. AJ could do things that I could never do.

I believe the writers and the purpose was the TNA World Championship, which AJ and I had been circling for a long time. We were fighting for it and the writers tried to give other wrestlers a shot at the TNA World Championship. So they made the decision to pair AJ and me and compete for the Tag Team Titles while avoiding the TNA World Heavyweight Title for the time being.

Kurt Angle has called Chris Jericho the strongest wrestler of all time on multiple occasions, informing the AEW celebrity to his face in an interview with and repeating that sentiment during an online interview. Proceeding to discuss his Mount Rushmore of Wrestling, Angle ranks Styles alongside Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels, and thinks AJ is on his way up.

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Angle stated, I just think AJ was one of the best. I recently discussed Jericho being the greatest of all time, given how long his career has been and everything he’s been able to accomplish in AEW up to this point. Shawn Michaels is still one of the best, but AJ is gaining ground. He’s showcasing a huge amount of potential with his characters, so he’s more than just an athlete; he’s got the whole package, and this kid is just really special.

This year’s class of WWE Hall of Fame members is headlined by The Undertaker. Another WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle, is among people who have actually shared their experiences of the great entertainer. He claims that early in his WWE career, Undertaker had a positive impact on him. 

He claims he was slated to comeback to WWE for a role in the RK-Bro vs. Alpha Academy rivalry. Angle claims he was supposed to officiate a bout between the 2 teams at the Eliminator Chamber pay-per-view event. The ideas, however, were scrapped.

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