Kumail Nanjiani Reveals He Feels Hopeless & Helpless As Covid-19 Cases Rise

Kumail Nanjiani shared about his mental health on Sunday. He revealed how unhappy it makes him, to see the United States’ response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The actor took to his social media to reveal how hopeless and helpless he feels in quarantine and the COVID-19 cases continue to shoot up. The comedian shared his rage as his wife, Emily V. Gordon is considered at high risk of contracting the virus.

Kumail revealed how he was generally an optimistic person and tried his best to stay positive since the start of the pandemic. He wrote how he feels today is harder as they are heading into a massive Covid spike. The actor shared how the people who are supposed to protect them are doing nothing and blaming them for being concerned.

The Big Sick actor wrote, “We’ve been in quarantine for 8 months because my wife is in a high-risk group.” He continued adding that they felt “let down by our country”. However, he shared it is not about them as they are the “lucky ones”. The actor further shared how over 226,000 people have died and so many families have been destroyed.

Kumail wrote people have lost their jobs and their homes. The comedian noted that a lot of the death and destruction was preventable. He appreciated other countries that have kept a close eye on the virus.

The comedian wrote, “Are they dealing with the same disease we are? I guess that’s the difference. They’re dealing with it. We’re not. We politicized every suppression effort.” He further added how wearing masks is considered a weakness which means protecting your family and friends is considered a weakness.

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Kumail Takes A Dig At Trump

Kumail further shared, “Getting your heart broken every day by rising cases is a sign of weakness. Worrying that the next text will contain unthinkable news is a sign of weakness.” He explained how they could have prevented all these losses. The actor said that it is not “his” fault, it is China’s fault. The comedian referencing President Donald Trump and his statements of calling all of this China’s fault.

The Big Sick alum further explained, “I feel like I work Fealy [sic] hard to keep all these doors closed in my mind, to try and keep all these scary/sad/devastating thoughts out of my head.” He shared that he does not have anything constructive to say and advised people to stay careful. The actor shared how he feels afraid thinking about the future and that he feels “hopeless and helpless today.”

The actor encouraged his fans to go ahead and list worthwhile charities that he and his wife can donate to. The comedian married Emily back in 2007 and their relationship became the main plot of their 2017 dramedy, The Big Sick.

The duo wrote the film about the early days of their relationship. It shows Emily fell seriously ill which was later diagnosed as Still’s disease. It is a rare autoinflammatory disease. This makes Emily immunocompromised because of her disease. Because of this, the couple is vigilant about staying in, wearing masks, and social distancing.

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