Kubra Khan Is A Cancer Survivor? Opened Up About Fat Shaming

The Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay actress, Kubra Khan is one of the leading actresses of Pakistan. She has recently opened up during an interview about how Kubra got body shammed. Also, talked about her cancer scare.

Back in January, Kubra Khan shared that she went to her home in London, and had a checkup. The Doctors shared the concern that she might have cancer. Kubra said that she had to undergo surgery two times. Kubra shared that by the blessing of Allah the lump wasn’t malignant because she went to the doctor on time. Otherwise it would’ve turned into a tumor.

The actress shared that after undergoing surgeries she gained some weight and everyone started making fun of her because of the weight she gained. Kubra added that no one knew what she had been through in the battle she won. But the people around her, were only interested in humiliating her because of her weight.

Kubra Being Part of Sinf e ahan and HKKST

Presented & produced by ISPR, Six Sigma Plus Production & Next Level Entertainment, while directed by Nadeem Baig. And written by Umera Ahmed. The title Sinf-e-Ahan means ‘Women of Steel‘, premiered last night. The episode is based on the story of 5 girls who dream of being a part of Pakistan Army.

Mahjabeen Mastaan played by Kubra Khan, comes from a privileged spectrum of the society. While people from afar might see her life as completely perfect & normal. But only she knows what she goes through where her parents share a toxic relationship. Mahjabeen is too inspired by General Nigar. And despite dictated by her mother, she wants to enjoy the life of glory. Mahjabeen is a corporate lawyer & she decided to opt for it because her mother wanted to. 

In Hum Kaha Kay Sachay Thay, Mashal played by Kubra Khan did not commit suicide which was good to know. But unfortunately, it was saddening to learn that she was so driven by her hatred that she was ready to kill Mehreen & poison her tea too.

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