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KSI Wants To Back Out From Sparring Adam Saleh After Challenging Him Earlier

The most talked about influencer boxing drama currently is between KSI and Adam Saleh!

While KSI challenged American – Yemeni YouTuber Adam Saleh for a face-off in a UK gym in the last week of June, things seem different now with KSI losing interest in the challenge!

‘Are You Stupid’?

It comes after Adam Saleh made fun of KSI for not allowing filming of their spar session.

However KSI called Adam Saleh ‘stupid’ and said he doesn’t want the spar session to be filmed so he can keep his boxing skills private and not give Adam the chance to revive his ‘dying’ career on YouTube.

‘Your 5 Mins Of Fame Are Up’

In the latest screenshot that KSI shared on his Instagram story, he is seen telling Adam Saleh: “you’re not even in England yet so I know you are not serious. You gotta quarantine etc so you’re not gonna make the 11th. So i guess this is done. Your 5 mins of fame are up lol.

Adam Saleh has responded back to KSI’s message in private and also on his Instagram story.

Adam said to KSI in the DMs that he wants the spar session to be filmed as a ‘proof’ and won’t be posted on YouTube. If the sparrig session is not recorded, Adam Saleh says he ‘ain’t wasting time’ if there is no filming allowed.

‘Lmk if it can be filmed and I’ll be there’, he said.

The Background

After Adam Saleh’s boxing fight with Waleed Stars in Dubai ended in a draw, KSI took nasty jibe at him saying he got beaten up by a ‘kid’.

Things escalated quick and the two decided to ‘spar’ in a UK gym. Adam Saleh earlier said he will be flying to London on August 11. KSI challenged him to meet at a gym at 10:00am. The name of the gym wasn’t revealed by KSI.

What do you think about the whole drama? Is Adam Saleh delaying his flight to London or Is KSI trynna backtrack from his challenge?

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