KSI Talks About His Brother Deji’s Boxing Comeback

British YouTube KSI made the whole influencer boxing phenomenon popular but since then, he has been on a hiatus. KSI fought Joe Weller in February 2018, and then went on to fight the elder Paul brother, Logan Paul.

KSI Vs Logan Paul 1 ended in a draw, and during their rematch, KSI won the bout. Since then, KSI has gotten busy with his music career and did not announce any new boxing bouts. Meanwhile, KSI’s little brother Deji also fought on the undercard during KSI Vs Logan fight.

Deji’s Boxing Career

Deji lost that day to Logan Paul’s brother Jake. After that, Deji went on to fight at the Battle of Platforms where he was thrashed by Vinnie Hacker. And then, Deji went on a hiatus to sharpen his boxing skills and make a comeback to shock the world.

Deji has now announced he is coming back to the world of boxing and his elder brother KSI has some words for him. KSI, in one of his latest video talked about Deji’s comeback and even appreciated his focus and determination this time around.

What Did KSI Say?

Here is what KSI said about Deji:

“He hasn’t said anything. He’s letting everyone do all the talking and he’s actually, finally, putting in the work,” KSI said. “It’s kind of cool, from a director’s point of view, this is the first time where he’s actually showing he’s going to put in the work. He’s walking the walk rather than just talking the talk. Yeah, it’s sick.”

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