KSI Shares His Thoughts on David Dobrik & Cancel Culture News

KSI Shares His Thoughts on David Dobrik & Cancel Culture

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Time icon July 23, 2021

KSI has revealed his thoughts on more issues on the ImPaulsive podcast on July 20. In the latest video posted by Logan Paul, KSI mentioned cancel culture as a whole and the position of Youtubers like David Dobrik within it.

He said that it says a lot and they are in a space that they can’t get cancelled. The rapper added, “It says a lot…we’re in a space that we actually can’t get cancelled, it’s impossible for us to get cancelled and obviously, like, I’ve see you…I see getting cancelled as a vacation. It’s literally just a long vacation.”

The co-host of the podcast, George Janko responded to KSI’s opinion as he said what he is saying could be used against him when the next wave of “cancellations” begin. KSI responded that he will enjoy his months on vacation and said that is what he sees being cancelled as.

The influencer further shared that he feels like they are in a space where the audience has been invested in them and it’s going to be really hard to rip that away. He said, “Legit, that’s what I see being cancelled as and, I don’t know, I just feel like we’re in a space where our audience has been invested in us and it’s gonna be really hard to rip that away from us. It’s like you’re with your significant other and then some random person goes, ‘You’re not allowed to be together.’ You know what I mean? You still have feelings.”

KSI & Logan Discuss The Deed Which Leads To Cancellation

Logan also expressed his view as he stated that it depends on what the crime is when it comes to “cancellation”. The influencer was previously “cancelled” for his travel to Japan and disrespecting the culture; and he had also filmed a recently deceased person. He was joking about it and posted it in 2017. The co-host pointed out that certain violence can come under “cancellation”.

Meanwhile, KSI shared that there are two things according to him. He said there could be more but he thinks paedophilia is a major thing. The rapper said,

“I think there’s two things, there could be more but I think pedophilia is like a major no-no. That’s f–ked, if you do any of that, yeah that’s not on. But I think the next one is, bro, I was gonna say murder but you got rappers who kill people and they get praised for it.”

The topic then transitioned into music and KSI began talking about his songs. He said he tries to fir in positive messages and tries to convey that through music. The rapper shared that his lyrics are mostly positive; and he always tries to push audiences to be who they want to be.

What are your thoughts on cancel culture? Let us know in the comments below.

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