KSI Reveals He Lost Over $5,000,000 In Crypto Trading

British YouTuber KSI is one of the biggest Internet celebrities on the planet. He recently partnered with American YouTube star Logan Paul to launch PRIME Hydration Drink company.

In his latest video, KSI reacted to posts in the reddit community as usual. He also revealed how he lost $5.1 million by trading cryptocurrencies. The YouTuber has been active in the NFT, Crypto, and Blockchain trend that is currently catching momentum.

He also bought the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. In his latest video, he reveals he sold the BAYC NFT for 40 ETH and currently the Bored Ape NFT is selling at a floor price of 80 ETH. However, KSI still made a profit by selling at 40 ETH.

‘Never Leverage Trade’

KSI then quickly shifted to share his experiences from crypto trading. He said “Not to self and everyone watching… NEVER LEVERAGE TRADE.. you don’t win. You never win’.

If you haven’t watched the video, here it is:

Topic stars at 5:45

“In a year of doing crypto, I have managed to lose 5 million, about 5.1 million. My crypto experience just has been a lot of losing. A Few wins and then whole lotta losing”

KSI Reacts To PRIME Being Resold on eBay

KSI recently also reacted to PRIME Hydration Drink being resold on eBay and other secondary marketplaces for 5x the original price.

He took to his official Instagram handle and posted a story. He captioned it “I Beg You to just wait for Prime to be in your country and not overpay on secondary markets”.

He even went undercover at a Walmart store with Logan Paul trying to sell PRIME Hydration Drink to customers.

In a hilarious turn of events, KSI ran up to an unassuming woman, shouting, “DO YOU WANT TO HYDRATE?” while trying to complete his sales quota.

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