KSI Annoyed After YouTube Warns Him Of Permanent Channel Suspension

YouTuber turned professional boxer and musician KSI has been the talk of the town lately with all his affairs! But now, there’s some serious stuff that KSI needs to address! KSI’s second channel on YouTube is at the risk of permanent removal.

YouTube flagged one of KSI’s Try Not To Laugh videos for violating its community guidelines and policies over ‘child endangerment. It means that the video had content that was not appropriate and showed a child in danger. This was the first strike on KSI’s second channel ‘JJ Olatunji’.

‘1 More Strike And It’s Over’

YouTube gives a three-strike warning to all its content creators, no matter how big or influential they are. KSI holds a massive influence in the YouTube community with over 20 million subscribers on his main channel but YouTube seems to not bat an eye.

On August 13th, KSI revealed that his channel is at the risk of suspension after YouTube flagged another of his videos and he received a second strike on his channel for “child safety” policies violation.

In the Tweet, KSI said “1 more strike and it’s over lol, I feel like it’s inevitable anyway. I physically can’t watch every single video I’ve made on my 2nd channel to see if there’s any child safety in it…”

KSI Expresses Annoyance

The message from YouTube in the screenshot reads “If this happens again, just one more strike will result in the permanent removal of your channel.”

KSI expressed his annoyance in a separate tweet as well saying “I love YouTube, but this ain’t it man,” he wrote in another tweet. “How is this fair?”

Fans expressed support for KSI in this situation and did not side with YouTube for its decision. What happens next is yet to be seen.

What Next?

Meanwhile, KSI is also busy with lots of other things in his career. He produced the chart-topping album ‘All Over The Place’ just few weeks ago and was also invited for the Roblox Launch Party where he sang tracks of his chart-topping album

Tell us in the comments if you think YouTube has done the right thing flagging KSI’s channel or is KSI the right party here?


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