KSI Announces When Prime Hydration Drink Will Launch In UK, Europe, And Australia

The internet went crazy when two of the biggest content creators on the planet, KSI and Logan Paul started a new drinks company together ‘PRIME Hydration’. The former rivals squashed the beef that they had and became business partners.

Prime Hydration has had a successful run so far. It sold out in the US within four hours after launch and fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of the drink in UK, Europe, and Australia.

Currently, PRIME is only available in America in Walmart, VitaminShoppe, GNC, and some other major retailers in the country. However, KSI has now revealed when PRIME will hit the store shelves in the UK, Australia, and other countries of the world.

‘Coming Soon’

Taking to his official Instagram handle, the YouTuber posted a story in which he announced the latest American retail store that stocked Prime Drink in their outlets (GNC).

“Ay yo, for my Americans, GNC has got the prime. Click the link baby and get it online. Now, look guys, for the UK People, European people, Australians, all of them, PRIME will be coming soon to you”.

Prime Hydration UK Release Date

Earlier on his Twitter handle, KSI teased that Prime Hydration Drink will launch in February in the United Kingdom. However, a specific date has yet to be announced by the co-founders KSI and Logan Paul. An unofficial account @DrinkPrimeUK1 also teases February as the month when Prime hits the store shelves in the UK.

Given the Instagram story of KSI, it is evident that the work to make Prime available in the UK and European market is happening at an elevated level and soon, the fans can get their hands on the drink in different parts of the world.

Prime Hydration UK Release Confirmed For May 2022?

However, once the rumors of February release did not materialize, KSI took to Twitter and retweeted a post of Logan Paul w/ Prime Hydration. KSI quoted “Why isn’t it in the U.K. yet?!?!?”.

To this, Logan Paul gave a subtle response which ignited the curiosity and peaked the interest of the fans, especially from the United Kingdom.

The release date for Prime Hydration in the UK is expected to be May 2022. Logan Paul wrote “it MAY come sooner than you think…”

The ‘May’ was capitalized in Logan Paul’s retweet and the UK fans are looking forward to the release of Prime Hydration during that month. Whether or not it is confirmed that Prime Hydration will come to the UK in May 2022 remains to be seen. Have a look at the tweet by Logan Paul and KSI below:

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