KSI Admits To Being A “D***head” For Doing Push-Ups During Boxing Fight

Last weekend, YouTube personality KSI defeated both professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda and rapper Swarmz in London, marking the first time since 2019 that he had competed in the ring.

After performing push-ups during the referee’s count in his second victory of the evening over Luis Alcaraz Pineda, KSI has acknowledged that he was a “d***head.” In the same night in London’s O2 stadium, YouTube star KSI, actual name JJ Olatunji, defeated amateur rapper Swarmz and professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda, making his ring comeback after more than a thousand days. On the night, Olatunji stopped the duo with ease, and after the match, competitor Jake Paul criticised him for the calibre of his opponents.

Olatunji had extreme confidence throughout the battle, especially in the second round against Pineda, a fighter who entered the match with two victories and five losses. Olatunji performed press-ups while the referee was giving the standing nine count for one of his seven knockdowns during his second appearance of the evening.

He now acknowledges that his original goal was to see how many push-ups he could complete in nine seconds.

“I am a d***head man, I am actually a d***head,” Olatunji repeated when releasing his first YouTube video since defeating both Pineda and Swarmz. “Oh my god the referee is counting and I am there like ‘how many push ups can I get in here?’ ‘How many push-ups can I get in nine seconds?’.”

Olatuni engaged the two opponents throughout the course of three rounds in both battles, ending them both without much effort. He was originally supposed to compete against YouTube opponent Alex Wassabi, but after pulling out due to a “severe injury,” artist Swarmz took his place.

But after receiving jeers for battling the rapper, with whom he had co-written the smash song Houdini, he decided to add another battle to up the ante. Olatunji won’t likely return to the ring until January, at which point he’ll likely face tougher competition on the way to his last battle against Paul.

Following the announcement of the outcome, Olatunji singled out many well-known figures, including YouTuber Slim Albaher, who had won the match, Tommy Fury, and Andrew Tate. Fury will probably be the most challenging choice, and Olatunji’s staff even contemplated using him as a last-minute replacement for Wassabi.

Fury has said he would be willing to face Olatunji following his two victories and is also unbeaten in the boxing ring. Derek Chisora, a heavyweight champion, thinks Olatunji has what it takes to “smoke” the budding pro.

“I’d like to see that, one hundred per cent, let’s make that happen,” said Chisora when discussing the possibility of Olatunji and Fury facing in an interview with Boxing Social.

“What’s Tommy Fury done in the last two years? Nothing. KSI. Smoke him. You know, Tommy Fury will not fight KSI because he knows if he loses to KSI the traveller community will never ever respect him and KSI will knock him out.”


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