Kris Jenner On Kim’s Focus Amid Divorce & Khloe’s Engagement Rumors News

Kris Jenner On Kim’s Focus Amid Divorce & Khloe’s Engagement Rumors

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Time icon March 25, 2021

Kris Jenner has opened up about her kids’ lives amid various rumors that are surrounding Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian.

The momager got candid about her daughters on Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Both Kris and Ellen first discussed the engagement rumors that were surrounding Khloe and Tristan Thompson. They discussed her plans to expand her family.

Khloe had revealed earlier this month that she and her boyfriend, Tristan have made embryos. The momager revealed her thoughts on the situation as she said it is great that they are having a sibling for True. Kris said, “I mean, I think it’s so great that they want to do that again and have a sibling for True, because there’s nothing better than a big family and brothers and sisters, and that’s just my heart.”

She expressed her happiness and said she wants them to be happy. Kris said, “So, I’m really happy. I just want them to be happy. And True will be so excited.” Ellen chimed in as she asked if the other kid will be named False.

Kris laughed wholeheartedly at the joke and also addressed the recent engagement rumors that were sparked by a recent image posted by Khloe. The momager just shrugged it off as she revealed that Khloe has a love for jewelry. “That’s a good ring. I think she just loves jewelry. She loves a good, you know, ring!” she shares. “You should ask Khloe that.” 

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Kris Addresses Kim’s “Focus”

Khloe Kardashian recently stirred up few rumors as she posted a picture promoting her product. However, the attention was not on the product but on something else she was donning on her ring finger. The reality star was promoting the new Good American shoe line as she posed in a thong with her hand on her bare behind. She was donning a massive ring on her ring finger that got fans speculating that she might be engaged.

Morgan Stewart commented on her photo as she also questioned are they engaged. Khloe responded as she said, “Yep! They are!” The reality star quickly clarified that her reply was to the question “are they?” She wrote, “My reply is ‘yep they are’… meaning yes the shoes are dropping on 2.25.” 

Khloe further continued to respond playfully to her friends and fans who commented on her hourglass figure. She did not respond to the questions that were speculating if this was her way of announcing an engagement. Even her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson did not shy away from commenting on her picture.

He jokingly wrote, “WOW!!!!!!! That grass is cut to perfection.” Both Khloe and Tristan rekindled their romance last August after being apart for a year. Their second attempt at their relationship is being documented in the final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

And there has also been a lot more attention on Kim’s life amid her divorce filing from her husband, Kanye West. Ellen does not directly address the split, however, she does ask how Kim is doing in these tough times.

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“She’s got a lot of energy, that kid.”

“Kim’s good. She’s good,” Kris says. “She’s really really busy, working on all of her different projects that she’s doing, and I don’t know how she does it, with all [my] grandbabies. She’s got a lot of energy, that kid.” The momager further shared that Kim is really focused and passionate about the whole thing. She revealed that Kim is studying and it’s on her schedule every day.

“She’s so focused and she’s so, like, she’s just passionate about the whole thing and everything she stands for, and I see her studying… it’s in her schedule every single day, when I get all the schedules for the kids,” Kris shares. “Her study time is all blocked out, so nothing else can get in the way. I’m so proud of her.”

Kris further shared that she thinks that is a big motivation for her and her dad was also on the same path. She said Kim has always looked up to her dad, Robert Kardashian and he was her idol. Kim Kardashian allegedly felt that her estranged husband, Kanye West was not willing to compromise during their six-year marriage.

The reality star filed for divorce last week deciding to pull the plug on their relationship. It is reported to be an amicable divorce, however, there is more than it meets the eye. A source close to the KKW Beauty founder revealed that she has had strong feelings about Kanye’s cooperation in the marriage.

The source revealed that there is no drama between the former couple but Kim is disappointed that they could not figure it out. “There is no drama between Kim and Kanye. Kim is mostly just disappointed that they couldn’t figure out how to stay married,” a source told.

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Sources further added that it takes two people to create a happy marriage but Kim has felt Kanye is not willing to do the work. The source said, “But it takes two people to create a happy marriage. Kim has felt Kanye is not willing to do the hard work and compromise.”

The Skims founder has reportedly surrounded herself with family as she continues to spend time with her kids. Kim will be reportedly documenting her $2.1 billion divorces from Kanye West on television. The reality star has had the past few months of her life filmed for the final season of her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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