Kris Jenner ‘Krissed’ Meme Goes Viral on TikTok

You may have noticed some people talking about being ‘Krissed’ if you spent any time on TikTok or even other social platforms in June. The app has become a hotbed for all types of viral memes, like the Lana Cult as well as the Hamster Cult, which both took over people’s For You Page during 2021.

Many people have been perplexed by the tweets, but it appears that it all stems from a video of media celebrity Kris Jenner.

Tiktok has increased in popularity over time to become one of the most widely used social networking platforms. As a result, not only ordinary people but even celebrities from all around the world couldn’t resist trying out the TikTok craze and challenges.

What is ‘Krissed’ all about?

We’ve all experienced how TikTok gets people excited with one trend or another, such as when Kris Jenner’s “Krissed” became viral and everyone laughed. Kris Jenner, a well-known personality, is at the center of this new trend.

Folks are certainly raving about a video of Kris Jenner from ten years ago in this Kris Jenner craze. That clip was released on Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s YouTube account.

Everybody in the Jenner family dances to the song “Lady Marmalade.” Kris grooving in the video while donning a sparkling green dress was the component of the trend that really was impossible to overlook. The video is now available on TikTook. It’s getting increasingly popular, and people have coined the term “Krissed.”

How are Fans reacting to ‘Krissed’?

People are once again getting crazy about a video of Kris Jenner that was posted on TikTok a long time ago. In truth, this footage has been used at the end of movies, along with some false rumors. As the meme has grown in popularity, videos featuring it have racked up millions of views, with some followers’ For You Pages being totally taken over by the fad.

Users have started posting it at the ending of clips with phony rumors to attract others in, along with a message like “you just got Krissed!”, and the pranks are going viral all over!

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