Kourtney Kardashian Debuts Blonde Hair Makeover

Kourtney Kardashian Debuts Blonde Hair Makeover

The love birds, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker had some changes in their bodies recently. The reality star was seen following her sister’s footsteps by dying her hair a platinum blonde. Travis was the one who revealed her new look when he shared a video of her new look on Instagram.

The Blink-182 drummer was giving his fans updates about his health where he had to go through surgery to mend the torn ligament on his finger in his left hand. Although we did not get Kourtney’s entire look, fans could see her from behind as her hair was tied in a bun. However, Travis deleted the video less than an hour later after he posted the update.

Fortunately for people who were eager to see her in her brand-new look, nothing gets deleted from the internet. A fan had screen-recorded the entire thing and posted it immediately after. It was an intimate moment when Kourtney was praying for Travis in a prayer circle.

The Poosh founder prayed that his finger makes a full recovery so that he can go on the road for years to come. She began, “I pray that you fix his finger so that he can play drums the way he wants to for the rest of his life. And may you comfort him and let him enjoy his rest and keep him safe and heal him up so we have him playing the drums as crazy as he wants.”

He also had another photo of himself lying in a hospital bed with a cast on her left hand. There was also another disturbing image of his finger being cut open. The drummer thanked his fans for all the love and support he was getting for his surgery. He thanked his doctors and explained the reason why he had to opt for surgery.

The drummer injured his finger while rehearsing for the much-anticipated reunion tour of Blink-182. Kourtney had actually made a change to her hair when Travis was just out of the hospital. She was donning a purple-tinted hair color after the musician was released from the hospital after suffering from pancreatitis.


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