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Korean Boyband 2PM Released Their New Album ‘Must’ After A Five Year Long Break

2PM has finally broken their 5 year long break and released a new album titled ‘Must’.

The album comes along with the music video for the titled track named ‘Make It’.

Music Video

In the spectacular music video, a meteor will hit the earth which in-turn destroys everything. However, instead of running away to save their lives, the six-member boyband 2PM get attracted to a beautiful woman present there and ignore the dangers around them.

The lyrics “If love is real / Maybe this is what it feels like / If you have time / How about tonight?” have been captivating the listeners.

Ten Track LP

‘Make It’ is co-written and composed by 2PM band member Wooyoung. The song was first previewed a week ago. It provided a preview of all the songs on 10-track LP.

In the four-minute preview, K-pop legends were seen dressed in stylish classy attires and they played a preview of each song in the lounge.

The tracklist also included ‘Ok Or Not’, ‘On My Way’ and ‘Hold You’, songs which were self-penned by Jun.K.

Comeback With ‘Must’

‘Must’ also includes an acoustic style song remake of their 2015 song ‘My House’.

2PM first announced their return to music industry back in January. At the time, however, member Taecyeon said their meeting had remained unclear, and that their return plans had not been “stoned”.

Their agency JYP Entertainment later reaffirmed their return in April, before officially announcing the band’s return plans next month.

Five Years Break

‘Must’ marks the group’s first release in about half a decade, ie five years.

They released their last album as a band in 2016 which was titled ‘Gentlemen’s Game’, before going on a long unexpected break.

Many members got themselves enlisted in the South Korean military to complete their military service. Member Junho was the last to enter in 2019, and was recently released in March 2021 after his service term completed.

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