Kohli Never Expected His 71st Century Would Come In T20 Format

Kohli Never Expected His 71st Century Would Come In T20 Format

Yes, it is true! The wait is over. Cricket fans are finally treated with a century off the bat of Virat Kohli. A long wait. Long long wait. 1020 days to be specific. While the Asia Cup was a disappointing campaign for the Indian Cricket Team, Virat Kohli assured that he treated his fans with a gift they would cherish for a long time. Kohli’s century drought ended in style. The way he paced his innings was reminiscent of vintage Kohli. Deservingly, the internet currently is overflowing with Kohli’s posts. Kohli’s celebration said it all.

It was a celebration much of relief than delight. Kohli credited the captain and the team management for putting him in a secure space. The team made sure that Kohli was relaxed. Kohli himself admitted that he was desperate to try something outside his game. But the break from the game brought back his focus on batting freely.

Also, Kohli echoed the comments of the experts in the matter that he did not expect his century to come in the shortest format. This was his maiden T20I century. Any cricket fan who has followed Kohli’s game over the years would know that the iconic batsman has never been short on skillset. Perhaps, it was the mental side of the game where Kohli was drained. No one can say exactly what it was. All we can agree on is that cricket fans desperately needed this. 

Especially Happy From The Team’s Point Of View – Kohli

“My aim was to always to play all three formats, and I banked on good cricketing shots,” he said. “I always came to every tournament or series thinking six-hitting is not a big strength of mine. I can [hit sixes] when situation demands, but I’m better at finding gaps and hitting boundaries, so as long as I can hit boundaries, it will still serve the purpose for the team.

We can play in many ways, but my role is to play as per the situation and if it demands I have to take the scoring rate higher, I should be able to do it. My aim was if I can be in this zone, I can be relaxed because I know if I’m set for 10-15 balls, I can accelerate. I’m very happy that especially from the team’s point of view, I’m back to being in my template I’ve played for a while, which I was going away from because I was desperate to do something that wasn’t my game.”

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