Kobe was only second to Michael Jordan : He could do everything what MJ could

Every NBA fan enjoys drawing comparisons between Michael Jordan and the late Kobe Bryant. Jordan was Kobe Bryant’s idol, by all accounts. Kobe’s contemporary players, most notably Shaquille O’Neal, have told stories about Bryant that are uncannily similar to Jordan’s.

On the Nelk podcast, O’Neal compared Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan despite insisting he doesn’t compare anyone else to Jordan.

Towards the end of Jordan’s career, Jordan and Bryant developed a sibling bond and occasionally faced off.

On Showtime’s “All The Smoke,” Jason Kidd, who faced Kobe in the 2002 NBA Finals, discussed the same topic and noted the similarities between the two superstars. He stated:

“I believe they resembled each other greatly since Kobe was the person he watched stroll and chew gum. You’re frequently referred to as the next Michael. He was the actual successor to Michael, you know, and I mean no offence to anyone.”

One of the most well-known athletes in the 1990s who was dubbed the next Michael Jordan was Grant Hill. Kidd went on:

“They were given the reputation that they would replace Michael after winning the Dunk Contest. And frequently, it was the curse; nonetheless, when you think about Kobe, he comes to mind as being the most similar to Michael.”

NBA champion Dallas Mavericks’ 2021–22 season under Jason Kidd

In 2021–2022, Jason Kidd made his long-awaited debut as the Dallas Mavericks’ head coach. They were a top-four seed and reached the Western Conference finals after completing 22 games over.500.

Without Luka Doncic for the first half of the series, the Mavs defeated the Utah Jazz. The Mavericks defeated the Phoenix Suns in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals under Kidd’s leadership. The Mavs were able to secure four impressive victories because to Kidd’s modifications throughout the series, particularly his decision to target Chris Paul when defending.

In the conference finals, the Mavericks were just outmatched by the eventual NBA champion Warriors, who were also more talented and seasoned. In the series, Luka Doncic nevertheless averaged 32 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 6.0 assists per contest.

The Mavericks, a pick-and-pop option and roller, have added Christian Wood, making them possibly the greatest young squad in the West.

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