Klay Thompson's Reaches The Goal He Set For Himself In 2021 Off-Season!

Klay Thompson’s Reaches The Goal He Set For Himself In 2021 Off-Season!

The Golden State Warriors have become the 2022 NBA Champions. In a rather lob sided Game 6, the Warriors took down the inexperience Boston Celtics who looked unprepared for that game. In the end the Warriors took care of things in the end, finishing the series in 6 games. But their struggles were what brought them together toward the goal.

Curry Wins the NBA Finals MVP

Stephen Curry won the 2022 Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP. This time no mistakes were made in who should have been the recipient of that award. Back in 2015, Stephen Curry deserved the Finals MVP but the award was instead given to Andre Iguodala for his supposedly good defense on LeBron James. Then the next couple of Finals MVP went to Kevin Durant who did score the most points for the Warriors and it cannot be denied that he was the better player then.

But now Stephen Curry has made it into the realms of greatness, earning 4 NBA Championships and a Finals MVP to his name. It cannot be argued any longer whether he should be on the top 10 list or not. His resume suggests that he is deserving of a spot on the table of the great players who have left their mark on the game.

Klay Thompsons’ foresight

However, the major statement in the offseason of the 2021-2022 season was made by Klay Thompson. The Warriors’ shooting guard was still rehabbing from his Achilles injury which he had suffered in the 2021 offseason before he gave his expectations before the start of the season saying, “That’s the plan, 2022 NBA champs…. Man, I miss hooping! I meant that when I said there’s nothing like the Finals. You got media from all over the world it’s the center of the basketball universe.”

Saying that before the season started, coming back from injury in December and finally winning the 2022 NBA Championship. That is a script which would get huge box office ratings in a Hollywood movie. Executing that level of mindset as soon as you come back deserves a lot of praise. He might not have been in his best of conditions, but Klay Thompson deserves his props.

The Warriors never gave up on their dream of recapturing their throne. They developed the young players during the rough times. They lost multiple games and their time was considered long gone. But they never gave up. They grinded, strategized, adapted and executed which led to them being the NBA Champions. For now the NBA World revolves around the Warriors and there is none to take it away from them.

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