Klay Thompson Reportedly Dating Former NBA Star’s Girlfriend Kristen Evangeline

Darius Morris’ ex-girlfriend Kristen Evangeline, a former Lakers player, and Klay Thompson were photographed together. According to their sources, this past weekend, Klay allegedly left the girl at LAX.

The Golden State Warriors went on to win their fourth NBA championship in the last eight years as a result of Klay Thompson’s comeback on the basketball court after more than two years. The Splash Brother’s better form was one of several reasons Steve Kerr’s Warriors were able to cruise to victory in the Western Conference because he recovered for his team in the most emphatic fashion possible.

The Splash Brother, though, is reportedly dating a former Los Angeles Lakers player’s fiancée in addition to building a name for himself on the court. Klay Thompson hasn’t been formally linked to anyone in a while, but that could soon change. It appears like Klay Thompson has happily moved on from his relationship with Spiderman actress Laura Harrier, and he may very well be joined on his opulent boat trips by someone else.

As of early 2020, Laura Harrier and Klay Thompson were no longer dating. Not to add, the prior pair started dating in 2018, and they were seen together frequently throughout that time.

Is Kristen Evangeline dating Klay Thompson?

Thompson was reportedly seen with Kristen Evangeline, the ex-girlfriend of former Lakers player Darius Morris, according to SideAction. According to their sources, Klay dropped the female off at LAX over the weekend, which led to reports that they were dating. For those who might not remember, Evangeline made news last year when her ex-boyfriend Morris beat her record.

In light of this, Klay Thompson will undoubtedly need some good fortune if the Golden State Warriors are to successfully defend their championship in the 2022–23 season in the very competitive Western Conference. Will Thompson be able to regain his best form as an experienced player and permanently escape Stephen Curry’s shadow now that the regular season is about to begin? Still to be determined.

Despite this, it is still still a rumour because neither of the involved parties has issued a formal statement. But these rumours nearly always prove to be accurate. Evangeline reportedly attended the 2022 Western Conference Finals, based on her Instagram activity.

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