KL Rahul’s DRS Drama | Fifty for Rohit | IND vs ENG

Day 3 of the fourth test between India and England has seen a great batting display from the openers as well as the one-down batsman Pujara. Rahul and Rohit looked in superb touch with both of them finding the sweet spot of the bat.

Six and Out!!!

The 23rd over was very eventful as KL Rahul hit a six and got out on the next delivery. Though, we must note here that after he was declared out, he reviewed the decision which was successfully overturned in his favour. Woakes bowled a short delivery and since the fine leg was wide, Rahul went for the shot. It got a thick top edge and sailed into the crowd for six. But immediately afterwards, he has declared LBW out. Rahul didn’t look all that confident in going for the review – trapped on the knee-roll, in front of middle and leg – no bat, and UltraEdge confirms it. Onto ball-tracking now, it was sliding with the angle and missing leg. KL Rahul survived. A reluctant review, but a successful one for India, the nip-backer from Woakes and Rahul fell across on the clip, struck in front of the stumps, but the angle was taking it down.

Burns drops Rohit again

Rory Burns had dropped Rohit yesterday. The ball hit his foot but Burns didn’t see the ball at all. Even today, Burns was the man giving Rohit another chance. This was a tougher chance. Burns was at second slip, the delivery was full and wide of off, looking to lure Rohit into the drive, he does so and poked with hard hands, the edge flew to the right of Burns, who dived across, got his right hand, but the ball didn’t stick. Rohit survives once again! He eventually reached his fifty in the 46th over, converting a good start into a significant knock. Every Indian fan is hoping that today will be the day when he gets his first overseas century.

Was KL Rahul out here?

India lost their first wicket in the form of KL Rahul in the 33rd over. But was KL Rahul really out or the ultra edge had caught the wrong sound? Anderson thinks KL Rahul is caught behind, but the on-field umpire doesn’t think so. However, there’s a huge spike on UltraEdge and KL Rahul had to depart. Huge roar by the English supporters as soon as they see it on the big screen. And a disappointed KL starts to walk back to the pavilion. England was confident the batsman had nicked it, and UltraEdge confirms the same. Just the wicket they were in search of and Rahul misses out on his fifty as well. Good knock nevertheless as the deficit is down to 16 runs. Was a short of a length delivery that seamed away to take the outside edge. KL wasn’t happy with the decision, he seemed to be suggesting that the bat hit the pad, it did hit his pad, but not when the UltraEdge showed the spike. It was some quality stuff by England’s pace bowler. 


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