Kkatamina Ends Her Two-Week Long Twitch Subathon

Kkatamina is one of the fastest growing Twitch streamers in the world at the moment. She scripted history with one of the most famous subathons on the platform.

Kkatamina started her Twitch subathon on her birthday on November 10 and has finally wrapped it up as of November 22. YES, that’s 14 long days of non-stop streaming.

During her Twitch subathon, she also received $5,000 subscribers from fellow streamer Valkyrae and she was left astounded upon Rae’s generosity.

“Oh my god, she’s actually insane, she’s going crazy,” the streamer said as Valkyrae dubbed herself ‘Oprae’ in reference to Oprah’s gift-giving.

When it was time to conclude her two week long and highly successful subathon, Kkatamina thanked her fans and celebrated her streaming career milestone.

‘Greatest Two Weeks Of My Life’

“Thanks for having me,” the Twitch star said after her subathon timer hit 0:00. “This has been the greatest two weeks of my life… holy. This is it. Thank you, guys.”

“We broke it, I think we broke it!” she said after hitting — or rather, blasting past — the milestone. “Oh my god guys, this felt impossible. How did we do this? Oh my god, this is so crazy. Actually just crazy. We did it!”

“Thank you guys for everything, seriously,” Kkatamina said before finally ending her stream in the late hours of November 22.

“I don’t have a speech prepared or anything,” she added with a slight giggle. “I don’t really know what to say. I’m just super appreciative of everyone, so thank you. That’s it from me… maybe see you guys next stream? It’s so sad, I didn’t think I’d be this sad when it was over, but I’m pretty dang sad.”

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