KJ Apa Reveals He Split His Head Open While Filming

KJ Apa got prone to injury again after already getting an injury earlier this month. Earlier this month he got a metal shard stuck in his eye and now he has split his head open.

KJ succumbed to the injury while he was filming for his upcoming film, Songbird. However, the actor took it in humor and smiled away while informing fans about the injury.

The Riverdale star took to social media to post a picture that showed a medic stitching his scalp as he smiled. KJ was shirtless and only donning a green pair of jeans. Fortunately, he did not appear to be in any kind of pain as he got his head stitched up. Although he did bleed a little and showed us a glimpse of the T-shirt that he was wearing.

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The T-shirt showed drops of blood as the actor held it up to the camera smiling away. He captioned the pictures saying ‘stunts’. KJ made sure that he showed his fans his treated injury by taking a video and putting it up on his stories on Instagram.

KJ before showing us the injury joked about how good he is looking. He then tried to part his hair to show us the stitched injury on his head. The injury had thick stitches over a small wound. ‘I split my head open yesterday. I don’t know if you guys can see that, but I have two stitches in there, metal stitches,’ he said while moving the camera in closer.

KJ’s Eye Injury

The actor had a similar serious injury from last week. A shard of metal was stuck in his eye and he filmed himself while trying to remove it. He was seen tearing up. His friend, Jason Schneidman, attempted to remove the shard of metal from his eye. He says it’s stuck in there while KJ says he wants to go to work tomorrow.

KJ said the metal punctured his eye after removing the metal shard by himself with a cotton swab. His friend said he has got it out successfully and KJ asks about the hole and starts tearing up right away.

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However, the actor later informed us that he had an appointment with the doctor the following morning. KJ hasn’t confirmed if the eye injury also occurred while filming Songbird.

KJ came under fire when he got criticized for his silence during the Black Lives Matter Movement last month. Apa reacted to fans who have criticized him for staying silent about the Black Lives Matter movement on social media.

He made it clear that he does not find it necessary to post his opinion on social media. KJ claims it is real to him either way. KJ went on to clarify that he supports the Black Lives Matter Movement, but does not feel necessary to prove people his attendance at these protests. The 22-year-old clarified on Twitter, on Sunday.

KJ had to comment after comedian Elijah Daniel tweeted about him. He called out the actor for starring in a 2018 film adaptation of Angie Thomas’ novel “The Hate U Give” but remaining “silent” about current events. The movie addresses police brutality and racism.

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KJ on Black Lives Matter

Daniel questioned KJ of being a part of the film and still maintaining silence. He went on to say how KJ has such a massive audience. Still, he has only put up a black square, he questioned.

Daniel later responded to KJ’s reply. He said he did not imply he needed him to prove anything. He went on to explain that it was a question about him not using his “extremely large platform”. Especially after being paid to be in a film about police brutality, Daniel explained.

The black square that KJ posted was a reference to mark Blackout Tuesday. It was a social media action to show solidarity amid the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality protests across the US.

Fans argued that the New Zealand native, who has 18.3 million followers on Instagram and 2.1 million followers on Twitter, should use his platform to be more proactive. He should be sharing information regarding donating, protesting, and other ways to help.

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KJ’s fans urged him to use his vast platform to spread the word. They also assured him that posting something on social media is not to “prove” anything but to amplify the movement.


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