Kit Harrington's Black Knight To Make Cameo In Moon Knight?

Kit Harington’s Black Knight To Make Cameo In Moon Knight?

Aside from GRC’s allusion to ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ in Episode 2 of ‘Moon Knight,’ there was what eagle-eyed fans said was a hint and reference to Marvel’s ‘Eternals.’ And, if Techradar’s hunch about a Black Night allusion is correct, we could see Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman in the Disney+ series.

Kit Harington from Game of Thrones famously made his debut on Marvel’s Eternals. In the comics, his character is a member of the Avengers and was created in 1955 by Stan Lee and Joe Maneely.

The roots of the Black Knight may be traced back to Arthurian times (another film set in King Arthur’s period was Transformers: The Last Knight.) The stories of Black Knight contain several elements of magic and the occult and it can be similar to Doctor Strange.

Dane Whitman was the heir to a lineage that dated back to King Arthur’s reign before becoming the sorcerer superhero. Sir Percy, the first Black Knight, was chosen by the famous magician Merlin and given a magical blade. It was carved from a meteorite.

Unfortunately, the Ebony Blade, as it was dubbed, was cursed as a result of all the blood that Percy shed with it. After his death, the sword was passed down through generations.

Returning to Episode 2, Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) locates the facility containing Marc Spector’s confinement unit. And the package has the number 43 on it. According to the site, it might be a reference to Moon Knight issue #43, which depicts the Black Knight.

Does this imply that the ‘Eternals’ star will make an appearance? In the comics, both of these characters have battled alongside each other. Much of this may be characterised as pure guesswork, but you never know with Marvel.

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