Kirill Korshikov opens the online world to the social dance community News

Kirill Korshikov opens the online world to the social dance community

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Time icon July 30, 2020

As early as in the prehistoric age, our forebears acknowledged and praised the benefits of dancing. It was ever-present in our history, influencing many different aspects of our society and lifestyle. Shamans performed ritual dances to invoke good fortune, summon rain or protect the tribe from evil. Later, in the Middle Ages, people travelled across great distances and overcame difficult terrain to attend annual fairs or important weddings, where dancing was always part of the festive program. Gradually, different dancing styles and variations evolved, kings and dukes slowly and majestically waltzed in lavishly decorated ballrooms, while the common folk enjoyed gaily and cheerful social gatherings where everyone could show their dancing skills and share knowledge with others. 

Nowadays people choose dancing as one of the best ways to relieve stress or connect with people, dance continues to be an important part of our lives. Of course, the recent pandemic lockdown measures prevent us from gathering together in clubs or other venues, but we live in the age of technologies, so a solution was quickly found. We cannot meet in real life, but nothing prevents us from doing it online! And Kirill Korshikov, a social media influencer and entrepreneur, was the one who made it possible. Kirill loved dancing with all his heart since being a small kid, and was determined to overcome the difficulties presented by the COVID restrictions. In 2015 he created a brand new dance video channel called Social Dance TV, with content dedicated exclusively to social dance. The new media source quickly gained popularity and enjoyed wide support from dance lovers worldwide, gaining new followers by the day. Social Dance TV became a large media platform that united people who love dance and gave them the opportunity to gather online, see the dancing of others, dance themselves and have a good time.

Although the creation of such an influential media platform with exclusive thematic content is a great deed in itself, Kirill didn’t stop at that. Preoccupied by the spread of the new coronavirus and wishing to aid those in dire need, he made a large contribution to the anti-COVID fight, organizing a social dance fundraising event in March 2020. The festival became a success and managed to raise a substantial sum of money that was donated to those fighting the virus. Furthermore, in May of the same year Kirill organized a popular “Social Dancing on Quarantine” challenge and arranged online dancing classes hosted by dancers of worldwide renown. The challenge became viral and attracted participants from all over the globe, raising people’s spirits in difficult times.

As rumors of a second coronavirus wave start to circulate around the world, the online dance community stands united and ready for it, all thanks to Kirill Korshikov and his Social Dance TV channel. Dancers from different countries now have an influential media platform dedicated exclusively to social dance that links them together and provides support, positive vibes and loads of energy. Surely, with such an amazing attitude any virus can be beaten! 

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