Kim Seok-Jin Asks BTS Army To Not Visit South Korean Military Training Center

BTS Jin is all set to join the military next month and it’s confirmed now by the sources. The popular K-pop band members will compulsorily serve the South Korean Military. As Jin is older than the other members of the band, he’ll be going first.

The announcement about BTS Military Service was made in the month of October. The reason behind joining the military is that every abled man from South Korea has to do it. The requirements for the same are that the man should be in age between 18-35. On 4th December, Jin will be turning 30, and looks like he will be at the frontline during his birthday.

On Thursday, Kim Seok-Jin posted a note for fans on WeVerse to not come to meet him near the training center as it could be dangerous. Let’s have a look at what he said below. The quote is translated by @btstranslation7

“There’s an article out there that I hadn’t planned on being published.. in any case, ARMYs, I ask that you please refrain from coming to the training centre. There will be many other people there and it could get dangerous with a big crowd. Army I love you.” 


Previously Jin had already given a hint that next month he’ll be at the frontline and have no plans for his upcoming birthday on December 4th. The other six members will also join the military soon in the coming years. The enlisted men will work at the frontline for almost two years.

But as of now the exact date of Jin joining the Military hasn’t been announced. Some reports suggest that it will be on December 13. Whereas HYBE, the company that manages BTS says that “it’s difficult to confirm the reports”. But it’s known that for 5 weeks, Jin will be training in the Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi BootCamp, and then will serve in the military.


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