Kim Kardashian’s Personal Trainer Defends Her About the Met Gala Controversy Related to Her Weight Loss

Kim Kardashian’s Personal Trainer Defends Her About the Met Gala Controversy Related to Her Weight Loss

Kim Kardashian was the star in the Met Gala 2022, the diva was glamorous and stunning as always. The reality TV star made head turns with her outfit and her dyed hair. The diva dazzled the red carpet with her stunning outfit and her appearance. What sparked the controversy was the diva’s outfit, as because she had lost 16 pounds before slipping into the outfit.

The Skims founder also faced several problems before slipping into her favorite outfit. After all this, the reality star also faced a lot of controversies due to her outfit.

As it was seen that the 41-year-old was subjected to criticism for sending such a message about dieting and shedding 16 pounds just before three weeks of the event to fit herself in the ‘Marilyn Monroe gown’, at the Met Gala.  

 Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer came up to support her as he replied to the controversial topic by saying, “Kim was not starving, and it was done in a very healthy way and by the healthy process.” Her personal trainer Don-A-Matrix even said, “I think one of the misconceptions is — she works really hard. I was there through the process and it wasn’t like a starving yourself type of thing.” Don stated that Kim lost weight in a healthy way, as per the reports.

The fitness trainer mentioned, “Kim works, like, really hard, so I was there through the process, noting it’s a “misconception” that Kardashian, 41, is lazy. “So, it wasn’t, like, a starving herself type of thing. I mean, she’s been on a balanced diet. At times, she wouldn’t eat as much, but the second thing is she really put the work in.” Kim’s fitness trainer also said that Kim did not engage herself in any unhealthy behavior during her weight loss journey. As the trainer mentioned, “We were working out sometimes twice a day,” he explained. “It’s possible to lose 20 pounds in a healthy way.”

Kim Kardashian reveled about her weight loss before the event

While speaking to La La Anthony, during the Met Gala event the reality star made the statement saying that she had to lose weight before wearing the gown. Kim said, “It didn’t fit! So, I looked at them and I said: ‘Give me, like, three weeks,’” Kim recalled and went on, adding that she lost 16 pounds in less than a month. “It was such a challenge, it was like a role. I was determined, I was determined to fit in it.”

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