Kim Kardashian's Fans Find Her LA Mansion 'Haunting & Depressing'

Kim Kardashian’s Fans Find Her LA Mansion ‘Haunting & Depressing’

The reality star, Kim Kardashian, owns multiple properties across the world. She is presently residing in her Hidden Hills mansion in Los Angeles. The entrepreneur lives with her four children and has become the sole owner of the property after divorcing Kanye West.

Kim has been known for sharing her personal life on social media and she recently shared glimpses of the rooms and interior. However, instead of gaining praise, she was heavily trolled for it. The reality star was at the receiving end of this criticism regarding her decorating abilities.

Kim was showing off her list of “things at home that make me happy”. She recorded her bedroom’s white and gray marble walls. The second picture showed a gigantic work of art with a blue dot in the center on the gray stone wall. Another image showed her living room with identical chairs, a couch, a throw blanket and a rug.

Everything else and the walls were of the same shade. She also showed off some of her house that was under construction. But to Kim’s disappointment, her fans have criticized the mansion. She has previously revealed how her first-born, North West, always says that their house is ugly.

Kim revealed on Ellen, “Every time I get into some kind of disagreement with my daughter North, she thinks this is a dig to me, and she’ll say, ‘Your house is so ugly. It’s all white. Who lives like this?’” Fans were mad previously as well when both Kim and Kanye showed off their $60 million Hidden Hills house.

Kim has been criticized even now for her interior design abilities after the recent photos shared by her. They described the house with the looks of a “prison”. Many users said it looks depressing and cold. A critic even went so far to say that Kimberly’s house is as cold as her soul.

Fans have also compared it to a mental ward, as they continued saying it looks like a morgue. Another fan iterated that the house looks haunted.


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