Kim Kardashian Weighs On Sister Feud After Kourtney's Sad 'Outsider' Claims

Kim Kardashian Weighs On Sister Feud After Kourtney’s Sad ‘Outsider’ Claims

Kim Kardashian, the famous reality star and fashion icon, recently shared an old throwback photo on her Instagram account of her with her two sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. The photo was of the three sisters as children, dressed in matching retro jumpsuits, with all three sisters holding hands.

Kim captioned the photo “The iconic trio”, with three pink heart emojis. The photo received a lot of love from fans who called the sisters “adorable”, “sweethearts”, and “the most iconic trio”.

In recent weeks, the Kardashian sisters have been surrounded by rumors of a feud. Kourtney, the oldest of the three, had even admitted that she felt like an “outsider” in the family group. She said that Kim and Khloe had grown closer after welcoming children at the same time and felt that they had bonded over the same experiences.

Kourtney also said that she had become more sensitive about comments made by her sisters, which had led to their relationship becoming unhappy. However, she also added that their relationship is “good” now.

Kourtney has also recently taken to Instagram to say that she has different “priorities” to her younger sister Kim. In a post promoting her new business, a fan commented that Kim works harder than Kourtney, to which Kourtney responded that working will never be her top priority and that her kids and husband will always come first. This statement highlights the different priorities and values of the sisters; who, despite their differences, remain close and supportive of one another.

The throwback photo shared by Kim is a reminder of the close bond; that the sisters have shared over the years. Despite the rumors of a feud, it’s clear that the sisters are still close and support each other. Their family and love for each other will always come first; and they will continue to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders, no matter what.


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