Kim Kardashian Speaks about Her Anti- Aging Procedure After She Denied Botox

Kim Kardashian Speaks about Her Anti- Aging Procedure After She Denied Botox

Reality television star Kim Kardashian who is known for her every green beauty and her looks speaks up about her anti-aging procedures. Kim is not only a reality star she is also a fashion icon among her fans, and now the reality star has opened up about her anti-aging procedure. Kardashian has repeatedly denied the accusations of using the Botox treatment to keep her young and youthful.  

The reality star shared with her fans about her skin care routine and even opened up about the anti-aging products and the procedures that she applies to keep her skin free from wrinkles and aging spots. Kim further shared the details of the skin care routine with which she goes through to erase the wrinkles and the ageing spots and fine lines on her skin.

The reality star is known for trying out different makeup looks, and she has now revealed that how she goes through all the anti-ageing procedure to keep herself youthful. The Kardashian star took to her Instagram story and shared with her fans short clips in which it is seen that her skin treatment is being done.

Kim Kardashian Says She is Obsessed with Skin and Facial Care

In one of the clip it was seen that the cosmetic specialist begins by saying, “So Kim’s here to continue her skin journey.”  The specialist further says “As we get a little bit older, we get some sun, our skin develops different pigmentations, so you get all sorts of different skin tones and colours and textures.”

In the video it is seen that the Kardashian star is dressed in a white robe and her hair tied in a high bun while she is seen receiving the facial care. Over the footage, she added a short explanation of the procedures by writing, “I’m having TWO treatments done simultaneously at @drghavami’s MedSpa @gpsaesthetics. Moxi & Broadband Light & Sciton’s Moxi Laser.”

Kim further said and admitted that she is obsessed with skin and facial care. Recently the reality star had also launched facial oils for her fans, and she had made the announcement through her Instagram.  


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