Kim Kardashian Says ‘They Don’t Really Make Them Like Ex Pete Davidson Anymore’

Seems like after the split of Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson everything is good between them. They appreciate one other as a person and look like are on good terms.

Kim Kardashian did an American dream issue cover for Interview Magazine recently. She also posted the cover pictures in all denim outfits on her Instagram post. In a chat with Mel Ottenberg, who is the editor-in-chief of the Interview Magazine spoke about having Pete Davidson one day for a cover shoot.

At the end of the conversation, the editor made a joke about (Big d*** energy). The first name that came to her mind to suggest was none other than Kim’s ex Pete Davidson for a future shoot for Interview Magazine.

To which, Kim responded, ” He’s a cutie.” She called Pete Davidson to be “literally such a good person”. The SKIMS founder complimented him saying, ” They don’t really make them like him anymore.”

Kim shows her excitement, she adds ‘I’m excited for what he has coming up.”

Kete Love Story Ends

This news was firstly reported by E! News, that the two broke up even though there was no confirmation from the couple themselves. Kim Kardashian still has her photos with Pete on her Instagram handle she hasn’t deleted anything. The source revealed the reason behind their split and said that it’s because of the “long-distance dynamic and their demanding working schedules.”

Kanye Accused Pete & Kim

Ye accused Kim Kardashian, that she brought Pete Davidson into her life to make Ye the antagonist. In his caption, he termed Pete as a ‘pawn’ sent to here to antagonize him ‘ in hopes that Kanye someday will take some illegal actions to kick him out of their lives.

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