Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Exchanging Love Notes, While Being On Distance

If you are unaware of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s current relationship status then you should definitely know that it is growing strong. Well, that’s true they are in a long-distance relationship. While Pete is filming his film in Australia, Kim Kardashian is at home with her four kids. So, read below how the celebrity couple maintains their relationship to be so strong.

Kim & Pete Have their Own Ways To Beat This Distance

Known for her modelling and television shows, Kim Kardashian and SNL star Pete Davidson remain strong despite being miles apart from each other. They have been physically separated for week now due to their professional commitments.

Though, the couple is finding this way to be hard but won’t let it get in the way of their hot romance. Indeed, the couple is famous together for their relationship headlines and hot romance. A leading website reveals that a source recently claimed that Kim and Pete are in constant communication.

“Time zones and filming call times make talking difficult. They send each other love notes while the other is sleeping and FaceTime whenever their schedules link up”, the source revealed. Further added, “The distance has been hard, but even communicating long-distance is exciting for them”.

Between all this, Kim Kardashian last month flew to her boyfriend Pete while he was in Australia shooting. It’s over a month now that the couple is at distance. Though, they are trying their hard to make time for each other as they both have packed schedules at the moment.

It is likely to expect Kim Kardashian to visit Pete this weekend. She wanted to spend time with her kids before she left and did some special travel with them. Now she’s off to see Pete and is very excited

It was also reported that Pete Davidson will be back in Los Angeles in a few days after the filming gets over to spend time with Kim.

Davidson’s Debut In The Kardashians Show

The part of Kim Kardashian in the teaser shows, that Kim Kardashian is happy with her new boyfriend Pete Davidson. Kim says ” Life is good, I have a new boyfriend. I’m just having a really good time.” Pete Davidson will be a part of the show as by the end of the trailer we finally get to see his surprising reaction when she asks him to shower with her.

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