Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Call It Quits After 9 Months Together

Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Call It Quits After 9 Months Together

The love boat of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson has sunk. As per a source, the couple has broken up after their whirlwind 9-month romance. They first met when Kim hosted Saturday Night Live.

The source revealed that the distance was hard for them and things started to “fizzle out”. Furthermore, the source also revealed that Pete being away for long was hard for them and Kim is doing well. The reality star knows she has a lot on her plate already and Pete is super busy.

This news was first reported by E! News. Kim and Pete’s romance began after they had to share a kiss for one of their skits together. They made the world go crazy when they were spotted holding hands on a rollercoaster. Many dates later, there were reports about the ex-couple.

The source revealed at the time that Kim and Pete are casually dating and seeing where things would go. Pete was really into her and excited about Kim. The source added, “Kim likes Pete as well, but isn’t rushing into anything serious.”

Kim and Pete went on a vacation together when all the drama with Kanye “Ye” West began. Back in January, sources reported that the couple is having a great time in the Bahamas and are continuing to have a lot of fun. The source further shared, “Kanye still isn’t too thrilled by Pete and Kim’s relationship, but is doing his best to stay distracted, busy, and fulfilled with his own life.”

We all know the big “Eazy” track but Pete wasn’t bothered by it and referred to Kim as his “girlfriend” shortly after. Sources had revealed that the comedian finds Kanye’s digs at him funny. However, the source revealed he hates that “Kim has to deal with the drama.”

The Couple Was Going Strong Up Until July

As for Kim and Pete, they made their relationship official on Instagram in March and fans saw a tattoo on Pete’s chest which was Kim’s name. Sources had revealed then that the couple are serious and want to take the next step. Kim then made a rare comment about feeling “at peace”.

The couple went on to make several public appearances together. Most prominently, they attended the Met Gala together. When their reality shows The Kardashians premiered, Kim finally opened up about her making the first move. She also hinted he is the best sex of her life.

Cut to July, sources had shared that the couple is going better than ever and are closer and more in love than ever before. The couple is busy with work but they made efforts to make sure they see each other and spend time together.

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