Kim Kardashian Opens Up About OJ Simpson And Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian recalled the horrific aftermath of being robbed in Paris. She revealed that she feared that her sister, Kourtney would find her dead.

In her recent interview with David Letterman, Kim looked back and got emotional. The reality star came as a guest to David’s new Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman.

The Skims founder looked back and admitted that the robbery in Paris back in 2016 had an immense effect on her. She said she was worried that Kourtney would find her dead after the robbers broke into her hotel room.

Kim shared that she had packed all her jewelry for Paris Fashion Week that year. She said it was something she had never done before. The reality star said that she stayed back in the hotel room, while Kourtney left with the only security guard that they had.

She recalled that around 3 am, she heard ‘stomping up the stairs’ which made her feel immediate panic. The KKW Beauty founder revealed that she believed that someone was there to get her.

Kim shared that she was trying to call 911 when the intruders were bursting into the room. She said that they demanded the ring which her husband, Kanye West had gifted her a few days ago. The reality star went emotional and recalled the horrific experience in tears. She shared the moment when one of the robbers grabbed her while she was naked under her robe.

Kim Was Really Paranoid After The Robbery

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The Skims founder said that she feared she would be assaulted. She said, “I was like, ‘OK, this is the time I’m gonna get raped. Like deal, this is gonna happen, just prepare yourself.’” Kim explained, “So, I did and then — I don’t know why I’m crying, I’ve talked about this before — and then he tied me up with handcuffs and zip-ties and then duct tape and duct-taped my mouth and my eyes.”

The KKW Beauty founder shared that a gun was pointed at her head and she then thought that Kourtney would return and put herself in danger. She explained that she constantly kept thinking about Kourtney and thought her sister will be traumatized for the rest of her life if she will find Kim dead in the room.

Kim explained, “Besides that little cry session, I’m totally fine. I really am.” She also admitted to being “really paranoid” for over a year. The reality star said her house had half a dozen security guards outside during that time.

The KUWTK star revealed that she got to know that the robbers were following her for two years after they were arrested. She revealed that the robbers had tried to attack her previously but because of Kanye’s presence they could not do it.

Further explaining the makeup mogul revealed, “I didn’t know that they had someone at the elevators, someone at the front, someone that moved the camera, someone that broke the door, someone in the getaway car. There was a whole team of people that had planned this.”

Kim On OJ Simpson

The celebrity also opened up about OJ Simpson and how his trial tore the family apart. She revealed that OJ had called her mom, Kris Jenner from jail. The Skims founder revealed that her late father, Robert Kardashian Sr, was a part of the defense team for OJ.

She revealed the trial took a toll on the family as Kris considered Nicole Brown Simpson as her good friend. Kim also revealed how it affected her and her siblings. The reality star, “The week before that happened, we were all in Mexico together at a family trip, the Simpsons and us — then this happening was kind of unimaginable.”

Nicole was murdered back in 1994 and OJ was arrested. The NFL star reached out to Kris from jail which made it difficult for her mother. She continued: “Then having your dad take one side and your mom take the complete opposite side. I mean, I remember answering the phone. It was dinnertime and we were all sitting down, and I answered the phone and it was a call from jail.”

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The reality star went ahead with the story and revealed it was OJ on the phone and she handed it to her mother. She shared that Kris was very vocal about how she feels and that the public trial tore their family apart.

Kim continued: “[Kris] believed that you know, her friend was murdered by him and that was really traumatizing for her.” She said when they went to her father’s house, as they were separated, it was a whole other situation.

Kim Joins PAW Patrol: The Movie

The Skims founder revealed, “It would be like [OJ’s lawyers] Johnnie Cochran, Bob Shapiro, my dad, like the whole team so we really didn’t know what to believe or whose side to take as kids because we didn’t want to hurt one of our parents’ feelings.”

Kim is on her way to becoming a lawyer and shared that her dad gave her a first-hand experience by letting her sit in on the trial. She said that her dad took them to the court and did not tell Kris. The Skims founder recalled that she and Kourtney were sitting right behind Kris and Nicole’s parents.

Kim added: “And we look over at my mom and she’s like giving us this death stare like, ‘What are you doing out of school? What are you doing here?’ And Kourtney and I were like, ‘Just look straight. Do not look at mom.'”

The reality star shocked fans as she joined the cast of an unexpected movie. Variety reported that Kim will be joining the impressive case including Jimmy Kimmel, Tyler Perry, Randall Park, Dax Shepard, and Yara Shahidi for an animated movie.

PAW Patrol is an animated movie that is set to release in August next year. The Nickelodeon movie adaption will also feature Marsai Martin, Ian Armitage, and Will Brisbin. PAW Patrol is an animates Nickelodeon series which had premiered back in 2013.


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