Kim Kardashian Gets Furious Over Kanye West’s “Skete Davidson Dead At Age 28” Post

Kanye West got no chill, as he reacts to the breakup rumors of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. It’s not the first time that Kanye has targeted Kim’s boyfriend Pete Davidson, as previously also he has tried to threaten and called him some bad words.

Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson’s split news came as a shock to everyone. As per the previous reports, it was known that the couple’s long-distance relationship is going strong and but now they had already broken up.

Reacting to this news Kanye West shared an image on Instagram which is now deleted by him. It was the front page of the New York Times and it was written “Skete Davison Dead at age 28”, all photoshopped.

The news of Kim & Pete’s breakup was firstly reported by E! news. The source revealed the reason behind their split and said that it’s because of the “long-distance dynamic and their demanding working schedules.”

Kim Kardashian Reacts

Obviously, Kim Kardashian is not at all happy with what Kanye did. It was reported by Daily Mail, that the source close to Kim said “She [Kim] won’t stand for this. She is demanding that Kanye take the post down, but he won’t.

The source says, ” She has been vigorously defending Pete. She’ll never get back together with Kanye over the way he’s treated people she loves and respects.”

Previously the sources revealed that between Kanye & Kim everything is good as they are co-parenting well and are civil with each other, treating one another with mutual respect.

The source further says, ” She has tried incredibly hard to have a good co-parenting situation for the children”.

Kim is furious at such behavior of Kanye, the source reveals that “she won’t stand for this type of behavior from him”.

It seems like Kanye has already taken down the post as Kim is quite upset with his behavior.

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