Kim Kardashian Dances To Taylor Swift; Lip-Syncs To Killing An Ex

The reality star, Kim Kardashian, is giving us some mixed messages on TikTok. She posted two videos on the platform and the first one is her using the music from Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”. The second video had her using the tunes of SZA’s “Kill Bill”.

These songs are some pointed selections after she finalized her divorce from her ex-husband, Kanye West. Both Kim and her daughter North were seen dancing along to the tunes with a pink filter over their eyes.

Her choice of Taylor’s song left fans to wonder if this was in reference to Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s feud. The feud began a decade ago and you definitely know what happened. West went on the VMAs stage as Taylor was accepting her award for Best Female Video.

He went on stage to take the mic from Taylor and praise Beyonce saying she should have won. The rapper did apologize after the events but said he does not regret the evening. Kim had taken Kanye’s side in the dispute as she often voiced out her support for him.

Even the song choice of SZA made fans think this was her talking about Kanye. She even used the section of lyrics which sang, “I might kill my ex/not the best idea.” Kim had recently shared how difficult it was to co-parent with Kanye and got emotional. The reality star revealed that she has done her best to protect her kids from the noise outside.

“I would want a marriage, but I’m so happy to take my time.”

“I’m holding on by a thread, and I am so close to that not happening. But while it’s still that way, I will protect that to the end of the Earth, for as long as I can,” she said. Quite recently, in another interview, she revealed that she hopes to find her happily ever after. 

Before Kanye, Kim was married to Damon Thomas and Kris Humphries. She even said, “Fourth time’s a charm.” The Skims founder shared that her last marriage felt like her first real marriage. She revealed that during the first one, she was clueless and the second one had her at a place where all of her friends were getting married which made her want to get married.

“I would want a marriage, but I’m so happy to take my time,” she told Paltrow. “I really do want to be single for a few years.”


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