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Kim ‘is Focused on Healing’ Relationship with Kanye: Their Issues Go Deeper

Kim Kardashian has already made it clear that she is not going to give up on Kanye West. Inspite of trouble in their marriage, Kim seems eager to work on their problems.

A source told the US Weekly that Kim is focused on healing her relationship with Kanye. She has been busy taking care of their kids and Kanye as well. The source also reveals that the reality star has been helping and supporting Kanye a lot. Kim has been making sure that the rapper knows she is there for him amid his mental health concerns.

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Kanye and Kim can put everything behind them but sources said it might not be that easy. The insider reveals that quarantine time has been hard for the rapper and in turn hard on Kim as well. Their marriage was hanging on Kanye not being fully present for their family. The couple has faced some hardships but ultimately Kim wants to keep her family together and is trying to work things out.

Rapper Kanye West is doing better after coming back home from a vacation with his wife and kids. A source revealed that Kanye is in a great place right now. He is feeling creative and inspired and really enjoying his time with his family. The news comes as Kanye and his family touched down in Miami on Sunday. They went on a vacation to spend time in a luxurious resort called the Dominican Republic.

An insider reveals their vacation definitely helped put things at ease for the time being. However, their issues go deeper and unfortunately it cannot be solved by taking a trip.

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Kanye West made headlines when he made a rather personal revelation for his first presidential rally. He said that he and Kim had considered aborting their first child, North, who is seven now. The rapper later went on a Twitter rant making claims that Kim tried to lock him up. He also said he had been trying to get a divorce from her.

Kim Defends Kanye While He Apologizes

Kanye, later on, apologized saying he is sorry for going public on a private matter. The rapper said he did not cover for her as she did for him. He further tweeted this on Saturday referring to Kim. Kanye said he would like to say he knows he hurt her but asks for her forgiveness. He further thanks Kim for always being with him.

Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram before Kanye apologized, to respond after his chaotic rally and Twitter rant. She writes a heartfelt note addressing the media and their family and friends.

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Kim said her family is powerless in this situation and defends Kanye’s words. She called her husband ‘brilliant but complicated’ and assured that his words sometimes do not align with his intentions.

The reality TV star acknowledged that Kanye will be criticized because he is a public figure. She said that because of that his actions can receive strong opinions from people.

Defending her husband, Kim said Kanye is brilliant but complicated who not only has the pressure of being an artist but also a black man. She also said that he had suffered the pain of losing his mother and had to deal with the pressure and isolation that came with his bipolar disorder as well.

Kanye was spotted last week boarding a jet with his four-year-old, Saint. They were boarding the private jet from Cody, Wyoming. According to TMZ, Kim and Kanye planned vacation along with their four kids. It is reportedly, a bid to save their relationship before it gets beyond repair.

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However, after coming back from their vacation the couple are in a much better place, reveal sources. They have agreed on not discussing about politics as he continues trying to be placed in ballots for the presidential election. He has recently been accused of faking signatures on few documents.

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