Kim Bum Takes Over Surgery Room As Rain’s Spirit Possesses His Body In “Ghost Doctor”

Kim Bum Takes Over Surgery Room As Rain’s Spirit Possesses His Body In “Ghost Doctor”


The forthcoming second episode of tvN’s new drama “Ghost Doctor” has a sneak glimpse of what will happen!

“Ghost Doctor” is a medical fantasy drama about Cha Young Min (Rain), a brilliant thoracic surgeon, and Go Seung Tak, a silver-spoon resident, who have completely opposite origins, abilities, and dispositions but end up uniting bodies and spirits.

Cha Young Min referred to Go Seung Tak, the resident who undermined his authority, as a “mouthy doctor with no talent” in the first episode of “Ghost Doctor.” However, Cha Young Min is involved in an accident, and his spirit takes over Go Seung Tak’s body.

The freshly released stills show an unexpected scene in the operating room. Go Seung Tak is seen doing surgery in the images. Previously, anytime Go Seung Tak was required to engage in an operation, he would flee. Cha Young Min, on the other hand, exhibits a 180-degree shift in attitude after assuming his body. His sad expression is endearing, and he’s entirely focused on saving the patient in front of him.

Oh Soo Jung’s (Apink’s Son Naeun) eyes are filled with scepticism. She is wary of his unusual nature, but she is also awestruck by his exceptional surgical abilities. She quickly loses herself in thinking, and anticipation grows as to how she would react to the altered Go Seung Tak. Jang Se Jin (Uee), on the other hand, is absolutely taken aback by the scene in front of her. As these four doctors face yet another severe predicament, viewers can expect another fascinating episode.

“Today’s broadcast will depict the complicated story of the four people (Cha Young Min, Go Seung Tak, Jang Se Jin, and Oh Soo Jung) who is up a creek without a paddle,” the production team explained. “Please pay attention to the exciting relationship between Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak, who end up combining bodies and spirits. Please also look forward to Jang Se Jin and Oh Soo Jung’s meaningful actions.”

On January 4, at 10:30 p.m. KST, the second episode of “Ghost Doctor” will show.

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