Khloe Kardashian Sparks Engagement Speculation With Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian celebrated her 36th birthday recently and gave us major FOMO. But was she also celebrating getting engaged to Tristan Thompson?

As we got back to back pictures of her amazing birthday party, fans noticed something rather peculiar. Khloe’s fans saw her donning a huge diamond ring on all of the pictures which created a lot of speculation.

The ring was pear-shaped and pretty huge. You can’t miss it in the snaps of her birthday party. Khloe has almost 115 million followers on her social media. One of the fans noticing the huge ring acknowledged it saying, ‘Can we talk about that huge rock on her ring finger please?!!’ with a lot of emojis.

Khloe posed with her younger brother, Rob Kardashian, who made one of his very rare appearances at her party. Khloe had her hand on Rob in the picture with Kendall Jenner right behind her. Fans commented back to back about the ring questioning her relationship with Tristan yet again. In another snap, Khloe posed holding her daughter in her arms and the ring was even more visible than in the previous snap.

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Tristan could not stop gushing over Khloe while wishing her on her birthday. He posted a picture on social media with Khloe and his two-year-old daughter True.

The NBA player took to Instagram to post the picture and praise Khloe. He wrote ‘how beautiful and loving’ she is. He also wrote he loves her. In the posted picture, Tristan and Khloe are all smiles with their daughter True.

Tristan wrote that Khloe came into his life to make him a better person. He appreciated how much he can learn and grow because of her. Tristan continues, “I thank God for the beautiful and loving woman you are to everyone, especially our daughter True. You deserve the world, Koko! True and I love you, mama. Happy Birthday, @khloekardashian.”

Khloe and Tristan have sparked reconciliation rumors all through the pandemic. They are reportedly quarantining together with their daughter True.

In a clip from the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim talks about Tristan Thompson, with Scott Disick. The 18th season showed the beauty queen having an outing with Tristan in February.

Kim says Tristan is nice when she talks to Scott. Agreeing with Kim, Scott says that he has made mistakes but he is trying hard. Kardashian agrees and says he has been a different person for a whole year. Scott continued saying that it is best for the family to keep him in their lives and be on good terms with him.

“To be in that place and feel like everybody in the family that he just had a kid with hates him would be, like, a horrible feeling,” the Talentless founder said. “No matter what, he’s still within the family.”

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On an episode that aired in February, Kim informed Khloe that she invited Tristan to dinner while visiting New York. She told Khloe that Tristan had called her up and he said he is right next door. And she invited him to come with her.

“I was leaving The Mercer Hotel and then I get a call on my cell phone from Tristan,” the reality star explained. “He was like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m right next door … what are you doing?’ I was like, ‘I’m going to go have dinner with my friends.’ So I was like, ‘Do you want to come?’”

Khloe was shocked to hear that because Kim did not like Tristan. She responded saying, “You invited him to dinner?” Khloe went on to support Kim and said if she feels like offering a drink then there’s nothing wrong with that. She told Kim that it is very generous of her to invite him.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson were together for three years until they broke up. Tristan cheated on Khloe with Kylie’s then BFF, Jordan Woods. He cheated on Khloe multiple times while she was pregnant with their daughter True.

Khloe and Jordan had a lot of back and forths of posting Instagram stories with quotes indirectly related to each other. However, Khloe decided to have Tristan around for the welfare of their daughter. She did not want to deprive True of being with her father.

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Since then Khloe and Tristan have maintained a cordial relationship for True. “They are happily co-parenting,” the insider said at the time. “There are no plans for them to get back together.”

During quarantine, they are said to be spending time together at Khloe’s house. A source revealed that Khloe does not have any negative feelings towards Tristan. Spending quarantine together has made her have a soft spot for him. The source reveals that Khloe is aware that Tristan will always be a part of her life because he is True’s father.

“Khloé has been open and receptive towards Tristan,” the source said.

Earlier last month, Khloe and Tristan were spotted being cozy at a friend’s birthday party. They were standing close to each other while wishing their friend. Tristan had his arm around her. A second insider added that the twosome has been “very much acting like a couple” in self-isolation.

Only time can tell what does the future hold for Khloe and Tristan.

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