Khadijah Farhat

Khadijah Farhat Has Revealed Details About Her Union With WWE Superstar Sami Zayn

For the first time, Khadijah Farhat has revealed details about her union with WWE Superstar Sami Zayn. In a contest for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship last week at the Elimination Chamber in Montreal, the former Honorary Uce squared off against Roman Reigns.

Even though he gave a strong effort, Zayn was defeated by The Bloodline’s leader. Zayn’s wife watched the fight from the front row. She even spoke with the tribal chief verbally. As Reigns mocked Khadijah throughout the match, Zayn also gave her a kiss. Zayn and Khadijah have been married for a while, but they like to keep their relationship a secret.

The wife and kids of the former Honorary Uce are seldom ever seen in public. But as they were recording Zayn’s Elimination Chamber Vlog, WWE spoke with Khadijah. She then for the first time disclosed details of her marriage to her spouse. “Well, it was around eight years ago when I first met Sami. Also, I was unable to fully comprehend his line of work.”

Sami Zayn vs Roman Reigns

“And I assumed it was merely a pastime. And I gradually realised that it was his actual passion, that I would be a part of it for the rest of his life, and that it was something he truly loved doing. Therefore, here we are “said she. At the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event, Sami Zayn betrayed Roman Reigns over nine months after joining The Bloodline.

The former Honorary Uce struck The Tribal Chief in the back with a chair after refusing to strike a battered Kevin Owens before being decimated by Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, and Solo Sikoa. Khadijah Farhat, Zayn’s wife, shared her thoughts on the momentous occasion in the same interview.” Our son was asleep, it was long past my bedtime, and I generally watch TV on two or three.”

“I was positioned very close to the TV. Oh wow, I was just there! I was shouting so loudly in a whisper when he struck Roman in the back because it was the best moment ever. Oh god, I was sobbing and shouting in whispers at how the crowd responded. I was ecstatic. As quietly as I could, I was hopping around ” said she.


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