Kevin Owens Provides An Update On Triple H's Health Following His WWE Return

Kevin Owens Provides An Update On Triple H’s Health Following His WWE Return

If there is one person Kevin Owens owes thanks to for his achievement in WWE, it is WWE legend Triple H. In a recent interview, Owens talked about just how big a deal Triple H has been for his career.

Owens stated, “I wouldn’t be here without him.” That’s all there is to it. That’s it when you say “full stop.” Nobody has done extra for me in my career than Triple H.

Whereas Triple H was an important part of Kevin Owens’ profession offscreen, the two only met onscreen a few times before Triple H retired earlier this year due to health problems.

Triple H’s retirement

I believe I echo what everybody else has said; it’s sad that he didn’t get to retire in the ring, but he made the correct choice for himself and his parents, said Owens of Triple H’s retirement.
So that is the correct decision, and it is a good decision. Personally, I wish I could have wrestled him, and he and I had discussed it before. I believe we both assumed it would eventually happen. It won’t be possible, but in the great scale of things, who truly care?

Kevin Owens then disclosed that he recently saw Triple H and explained how the future WWE Hall of Famer appeared. Owens described his encounter with him as “amazing.” It was great to see him after a few months of not seeing him when he used to be everywhere all the time, and he looked and sounded amazing. Because he has done that for so many people in this business. He always had this reputation, didn’t he?

I always believed he was good at what he did, but he always lifted the shows he was on and the folks he worked with, and I never got that integrity vibe. When I met him, I was not surprised to learn that he was passionate about growing the firm and giving people the opportunity. He has proven my assumptions numerous times over the last few years, and many of us, many of us, would not be here without him.


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