Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash Identifies the Core Problem at WCW

When Kevin Nash was hired as WCW’s booker, the big man showed up with a plan. Nash recently took part in a live watch-along on AdFreeShows with Sean Oliver and website subscribers of his renowned Starrcade 1998 match against Bill Goldberg. Due to Scott Hall’s use of a cattle prod, Nash was able to win the title and put an end to the winning streak that had made Goldberg famous.

Additionally, it helped set the stage for the infamous “finger poke of doom” a week later. The difficulties of haggling with all the famous people backstage while holding a pencil were brought up by a viewer during the broadcast. According to Nash, the main problem was that everyone wanted to book their own shows. Nash said he chose to set a precedent for himself with one of WCW’s smallest stars but biggest names in order to address this issue.

As he did when he first began booking, Nash said to the crowd, “I went out and put Rey Mysterio over.” “Rey was cleanly put over by me after I booked myself to do so. I did that because I didn’t want to hear about clean finishes if the second-biggest guy in the territory could topple the smallest guy in the territory. Nash has previously stated that he doesn’t place a lot of stock in the idea that he killed WCW, adding that he was impressed that fans believed he had such influence.

NXT and Raw women’s titles

It appears that Rhea Ripley is having yet another breakthrough year. The Australian woman, age 26, already has a strong resume in the WWE after winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, NXT and Raw women’s titles, and the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Championship. Many of the biggest stars in the industry are taking notice of her thanks to her alliance with The Judgment Day, which has elevated her to a new level. Becky Lynch recently made a comeback from an injury, and they met up in WarGames at WWE Survivor Series. 

On the Raw episode from December 5, the two engaged in an intense stare-down as eager viewers anticipated their upcoming battle inside the ring. Lynch recently praised the person she considers to be the future of the business in an interview. Rhea is among the best female athletes we’ve ever seen, according to Lynch. I think she is amazing. She is so young and so talented. Well, that’s the future of the company and the business is in good hands, I say as I turn to face her. I’m still in the present, but she’s the future.


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