Kevin Hart Says The World Must Step Out Of Chris Rock & Will Smith Oscar Slap Tensions

Kevin Hart has made it clear to the world, that they should stay away from Will Smith’s & Chris Rock’s Oscar incident. The comedian won’t throw shade on any of them and understands that people make mistakes.

Kevin Hart arrived on Drink Champs and was asked a question related to the infamous slap incident. He was told to pick a side, but Kevin will not “take the time to sh*t on them [Chris Rock & Will Smith]”. Will Smith has already come forward with his apology for Chris Rock. The King Richard actor admits that whatever he did at the Oscars was unacceptable behavior.

Kevin termed both Chris Rock & Will Smith as his brothers. Speaking of Will Smith, he says ” Will Smith is a f**king – he’s not only a legend, but he’s also not only a goat.” Further, he spoke about the impact Will Smith created in this industry.

He says, ” Will Smith is the reason why the idea of African Americans attached to global IP is normal. Studios took the gamble on more leads of color because of the work Will Smith, Denzel were doing in the beginning right?.” He adds, ” You need the faces that are giving the universal turn.”

Kevin won’t be just sitting there, believing that Will Smith “hasn’t been and wasn’t that guy.” He is aware of the fact that humans make mistakes and they should be allowed to redeem themselves from their mistakes. He says, “This is no longer the world’s problem, It’s Will & Chris’s problem”. So the world must let them deal with it and step out from it, and let them recover.

Will Smith Moves On

A few days back an insider source of US Weekly revealed the status of Will Smith after his apology. The insider confirmed that the actor is now in a good place, “as good as it can get at this stage”. He is been doing well ever since his apology to the world, for him it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

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