Kendrick Lamar Takes The Pyramid Stage At Glastonbury 2022

To end this year’s 50th birthday celebration, Kendrick Lamar performs on Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage while wearing a white shirt, tapered black cigarette pants, and a dazzling crown of thorns. Before the booming opening track of his most recent tracks, the award-winning, multi-Platinum-selling lyrical mastermind’s eagerly anticipated return to the UK begins with intriguing melodies.

The early hits from Kendrick’s repertoire are followed by the subsequent hits. Despite the expressive choreography on stage, it’s a wild party right away. Kendrick Lamar permits modern Black art to be shown in his primetime segment that is broadcast to the entire world.
Several times during his performance, Kendrick makes you think he is speaking to someone rather than performing.

Everything but the bassline gets thrown out for the sensual ‘Loyalty’ song when he sings, “tell me who you’re loyal to?,” as if it’s a serious inquiry posed to the audience.

Highlight Of Kendrick’s Performance

“No matter what you’re going through,” he says, “imperfections are beautiful. I wear this crown: they judged Christ. They judge you, they judge Christ… I wear this as a representation, so you’ll never forget one of the greatest prophets to ever walk the Earth. They Judge You, they judge Christ. We’ll try our best to walk in his image.”

He concludes by chanting, “They judge you, they judge Christ / Godspeed for women’s rights,” before throwing his microphone to the audience and giving in to his feelings.

As he hurriedly exits the stage, it’s worth noting that Kendrick’s personal transformation, which is representative of so many others, was broadcast for all to witness in his magnificent performance.

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