Keke Palmer Shares The Secret Of Good Health, Saying “No” & Success

Keke Palmer knows the secret to maintaining good health, lifestyle, and gaining success. Keke Palmer has shared her journey of self-care and success, let’s find out what tips she has to give so that we all can get inspired by it.

Keke Palmer was chosen to do a September cover story for Women’s Health, through her story she revealed some interesting insights on how she does self-care even after being busy with movie schedules.

She knows the importance of practicing self-care and how it benefits a person in a long run, she says ” I’ve learned over the years that I need to pour on myself as often as possible to stay sane and keep this machine physically moving.”

Keke is currently busy with promotions of her upcoming film named “Nope” because of which she has to travel to many cities like Korea, Germany, London, Paris, and others for its promotions and premieres which is quite physically tiring.

She further adds,” I’m going to be depending on so much energy, talking, laughing, and engaging. And I don’t do anything half-a**ed. So if I’m talking, I’m talking; If I’m laughing, I’m laughing; If I’m engaging, I’m engaging.”

She also shed light on how it’s important to eat healthy things and to not eat “garbage”, “to make sure my body is at its best.”

The Power Of Saying No

Keke Palmer gives a good piece of advice to everyone out there who hesitate sometimes about whether it’s okay to say the word “No” to something or not.

She says, ” I realized it’s hard to say no because we don’t trust. We don’t trust that if we say no the opportunity will come again. Or we don’t trust that if we say no we’ve made the right choice. Or we’re scared that if we say no we’re going to offend somebody.,”

She further adds, that saying Yes to many things have caused a lot of stress for her. ” I have learned not to be afraid to rearrange things and to accept that I’m not going to be able to do it all without hurting myself.”

She shares that it’s been 2 years since she is on this path of Saying No to things she doesn’t really want to do. She has become a pro at it now. She concludes by saying “That’s the grace and the silver lining. Everything I’ve been through has taught me how to love myself more.”

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