Keanu Reeves Reveals He Wanted To Be This X-Men Hero

Keanu Reeves Reveals He Wanted To Be This X-Men Hero

Keanu Reeves, well known for his performances in The Matrix and John Wick, recently turned to Reddit to address fan queries. Reeves’ ambition to portray Wolverine in the X-Men franchise and his prospective involvement in a Constantine sequel were among the topics covered.

Reeves didn’t hesitate to say when asked about the Marvel superhero he’s always wanted to portray. “I did always want to play Wolverine,” he said. Hugh Jackman has notably played the part since 2000, and Jackman is expected to reprise the character in Deadpool 3.

Although Reeves may never play Wolverine, he did play a DC Comics character in 2005’s Constantine, which was based on the Hellblazer comic series. When questioned about the likelihood of a sequel, Reeves said that he had discussed it with DC co-head James Gunn, but provided no additional information about the project’s progress.

Reeves also shared some intriguing details about his time on set, such as what he took as keepsakes. “Not stolen… the watch and wedding ring from John Wick; a sword from 47 Ronin, and the first red pill that the Wachowski’s ever gave me,” he said.

Reeves has indicated an interest in working with specific filmmakers in the future, identifying David Fincher as one of them. When asked about his fondest memory from the 1991 film Point Break, Reeves mentioned working with co-star Patrick Swayze; whom he described as “a gentleman and a total pro, a movie star, an inspiration.”

Lastly, Reeves talked about what he may have done if he hadn’t been an actor. “When I was a kid, I always said I wanted to be a race car driver; a conductor, or an astrophysicist,” he said. “Today, let’s conduct some music.”


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