Keanu Reeves & Alexandra Grant Want NFTs & Metaverse To Be More Inclusive

The Futureverse Foundation, a new charitable endeavour aimed at inspiring artists to take part in the internet’s next frontier by producing work to be considered and purchased in the metaverse—an integrated network of virtual, digital worlds that in its most ambitious conceptions may end up resembling The Matrix—has the two serving as advisers.

As per THR, The Futureverse Foundation is placing its bet that non-fungible tokens, or NFTs (unique digital objects secured by blockchain technology), can be more than just trading commodities and even have real aesthetic value.

The Futureverse Foundation is dedicated to supporting artists who will produce potent works that can be converted into these crypto assets, demonstrating that great art has a place on the upcoming Web 3.0 version of the internet.

“I feel like the Futureverse Foundation is a proposal. If we do have this opportunity of building a new economy of [cultural] exchange, how do we?” asks Grant.

“It’s new for all of us to be thinking about the partnerships between the art world, Hollywood and tech coming together in this really beautiful way.”

The Futureverse Foundation was developed in partnership with Non-Fungible Labs, a New Zealand-based NFT company, with the goal of increasing accessibility to the metaverse, particularly for those from underprivileged backgrounds, claims Grant.

“This is the beginning, it’s a nascent moment for a technological shift where some people understand that they’re already in the metaverse, and some people don’t know what an NFT is.”

Grant, Reeves, and Brooke Howard-Smith, co-founder of Non-Fungible Labs, intend to assist conventional two- and three-dimensional artists in transitioning to the digital realm by assisting them in the process of turning their works of art into NFTs that can be purchased in the metaverse.

“I am honored to be joining Non-Fungible Labs’ efforts in cooperation with Alexandra Grant for the extraordinary program and opportunity of the Futureverse Foundation, in support of artists and creators globally,” Reeves said in a statement.

“I sort of see these grants as social acupuncture; you’re not going to be able to change everything because that’s not the intention, the intention is to find the right energetic meridian to put a needle of change in,” Grant says.

“So even though it was a real-world pavilion, that happened because of conversations that were all digital. That translation between worlds is already integrated.”


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