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Katy Perry Gets Real About Her Pregnancy

Katy Perry teases her fans with a video of her baby bump and gets very real about her pregnant belly button.

Katy took to her Instagram recently and posted a story where she is zooming in on her belly button. She was donning a black and white color blouse which was unbuttoned from the bottom to reveal a little of her gorgeous bump.

She starts the video asking her 100 million followers if they want to see something gross. Then Katy gave a close view of her swollen belly button. The singer then asked her followers if they wanted to see something gorgeous. She revealed her smiling face with her blonde hairdo.

Katy said that it was a payoff for looking at her belly button. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are expecting a baby girl who will be here by summer. The couple has been vocal about their excitement for the newborn.

Orlando says it feels like a magical time for him since his daughter is coming into this world. The actor explained in an interview with Good Morning America on Thursday.

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Orlando is also looking forward to all the late nights when he has to wake up and tend the baby. He jokes about holding the bottle specifying that it will be a breastfeed bottle thing.

Thankfully, Orlando is not new to this experience of fatherhood. He has an eight-year-old son with his ex Miranda Kerr.

Katy Perry had announced their pregnancy most gracefully. She unveiled her baby bump in her music video and gave the world a happy surprise. Katy was wearing a white gown, caressing her baby bump in the video for the single Never Worn White.

By April, the couple held a gender reveal party where they found out they were having a baby girl. Katy and Orlando got engaged on Valentine’s day in 2019.

The couple is excited about this new phase in their lives. They have a few names in mind but they want her to tell them what her name would be. Katy revealed recently that they will not be deciding on a name until the baby arrives. The pair wants to see which name fits their baby.

Katy revealed recently on Mix 1041 that her baby will decide the name herself. She further says that she will look at her baby and will realize instantly, the name that fits her.

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“We have yet to decide specifically on her name because, I think, we’ve got options and she’ll tell us. I’ll look at her and go, ‘Oh yeah yeah, you are here, you are that’”, Katy explains.

The new mom-to-be also revealed the emotional rollercoaster she is in during pregnancy. Katy later explains all the emotions that she feels. She reveals that she has been under every emotion during this time.

“I’ve been every emotion under the sun,” she says. Katy further explains saying she felt overwhelmed, anxious, happy, overjoyed, and depressed too. I’ve been all of it,” Katy says.

She further states that this is a wild time to bring someone into this world. Katy continues saying how even before this year started people were thinking how uncertain it all is. Now she describes being in the world as feeling “shaky boots”.

The singer also reveals how eager both her and Orlando are to become parents. They cannot wait to hold the little bundle of joy.

She further says that little girls are always supposed to be daddy’s little girl. Katy wonders how it is going to be saying, “we’ll see”.

We hope that the little bundle of joy comes soon so that we can get something to be happy about.

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