Katy Perry Reveals the Animated Final Video for Her Single Smile

Katy Perry released her new music video for single, Smile. The video features a very pregnant Katy playing a carnival-themed video game. It was released on Facebook on Thursday.

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The video included animated CGI sequences. The singer had released a low-budget video previously called ‘Performance’. Although she posted it on Facebook rather than YouTube, she told her fans to go check it out on Facebook.

‘Here to serve u this morning (with first lewks and [pie emoji]) Watch the official #SMILE video here on the Facebook app and let me know what u think, I’ll be [eyeballs emoji] in the comments.’

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The video began with Katy wearing a black and white Harlequin-like suit over her baby bump. She seems to be putting some final touches on her pie in her living room. Along with that, there is a ‘Smile’ video game playing. The singer then has to choose a character for which she chooses a sad clown. As she chose that, she instantly changed into a clown in real-life and finds her face covered with grease paint.

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The clown avatar is shown in various scenarios. Few of them have a romantic significance. She also goes through other carnivalesque attractions, like competing in a strongman competition. She is also being tied to a rotating board while having knives thrown at her.

Despite choosing the sad clown, Katy seems really happy at the end. Her animated character has a dance party and real-life Katy smashes a pie on her face. In the video that was released previously known as the ‘Performance’ video for Smile was minimalistic. It featured Katy in a plain background with Smile written on the screen.

In an interview with Los Angeles Time, Katy talked about her work environmen in recent weeks. Katy was filming videos in a warehouse in Burbank. The crew only had 10 people who are all tested for Covid time and again.

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Katy was the only performer on both the videos to measure safety so that there is less risk to her. Talking about the record, she said it is an upbeat album. She explains the tones are ‘very hopeful and resilient and joyful’. And she hopes it ignites all of these things in anyone who listens to the album.

The singer also acknowledged that her most successful music is already behind her. She said she feels thankful that she is out of the loop of the intensity of being on the top for 10 years. Katy said, “Because I’ve had all the numbers, honey. Still set those records, honey. Talk to me when you’ve done that. Do I need to keep ringing that bell, or can I start ringing others?”

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Her upcoming Smile album is set to be released on August 28. For the fans who missed out on the premiere of the music video can watch it tomorrow when Katy will release it on Youtube.


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