Katy Perry Gives Reactions to the Video which Shows Her Falling Off from Chair While Wearing Ariel Costume during American Idol

Katy Perry Reacts to the Video Showing Her Falling Off from Chair in Ariel Costume

During the recent episode of the American Idol, singer Katy Perry was sported in the Ariel mermaid costume, during the Disney-themed episode. While wearing the mermaid costume she took a tumble from her chair. The Ariel mermaid costume was not comfortable for the singer as she faced a lot of trouble while walking around after wearing it. Even after that the singer also fell off her chair, at the beginning of the episode.

The 37-year-old singer took to her Twitter account and shared her video with a funny fall. Perry wrote, “Flippin’ your fins you don’t get too far.” The video also showcased host Ryan Seacrest’s introduction during the beginning of the episode, as it got interrupted due to a crashing noise after which he also reacted to the shock.

The camera angle then showed Katy falling off the chair, and her mermaid tall facing up. After Katy fell down, from her chair her co-judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan helped her to get up.      

After all this, the singer also enjoyed herself and had a good laugh over the moment that happened to her. The singer was seen laughing after she was back on her chair. Even the audience members went on cheering her and said, ‘Katy! Katy! Katy!’ as the singer smiled. After all this, the video instantly got viral within a few minutes, showing Katy Perry falling off the chair. The singer herself wanted to get in on the fun, as she also took to her social media handle shared the remix version of herself falling off the chair during the beginning of the show.

Katy Perry had a tough time while wearing the costume

The singer even took to her Instagram account to give her fans a glimpse of the scenes which shows how she managed to squeeze into the Ariel mermaid costume, with the help of her makeup artist and her hairstylist along with the designers.  The singer looked gorgeous in the outfit but faced a lot of trouble as she was barely able to move.  

The singer is the judge of the show since 2018. She is known for slipping herself into the most unique costumes in the show. Even during the pandemic, she was dressed as a sanitizer bottle on the show as she turned up for the virtual episode of the show back at that time.  

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